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Bringing the X-factor

Bringing the X-factor

Xtone by Porcelanosa: pushing design boundaries.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In the world of interior design, fashions can change on the turn of a dime—one minute the look is de rigueur, the next passé. The secret is to find an enduring look, one that suits both the person and the application.

Certain products, such as marble and some exotic hardwood timbers, have an enduring quality but these can be expensive to acquire and their collection or harvesting may have a deleterious effect on the environment.

That’s when technology comes to the fore, bringing us products that replicate the high-end luxury materials we aspire to with the added benefit of being environmentally sound and cost-effective, says Dan Shelley, Director of Stone & Tile Wholesale.

“Digital reproduction has gotten to the point where you, quite literally, cannot tell the difference between the real product and the reproduction, making it possible to produce large-format porcelain tiles that mimic stone and marble slabs, timber panels and planks and even metal sheeting.

“This means that designers can achieve interiors that offer the best of aesthetics while incorporating attributes such as longevity, durability and low maintenance—all of the benefits that porcelain offers.”

With more that 40 choices across six categories, Xtone has an option that will allow you to create a truly innovative and unique interior.

Xtone: even better than the original

Manufactured in Spain by Porcelanosa, the Xtone range consists of 42 products across six categories—marble, concrete, stone, single colour, timber and metal—as well as two complete dining table options.

“There are two large-format sizes available—2500 x 1200mm and 3000 x 1500mm—and both come in 6mm and 9mm thicknesses, with the 9mm option being suitable for flooring applications,” says Dan.

“With such large formats available to them, designers are able to start looking at tiles in an entirely different way, creating the types of interiors and exteriors that would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to produce without the advent of these products—natural looking stones, timbers and metals can all be seamlessly integrated simply by using the same material.

“What’s more, Xtone large-format tiles are fully waterproof, will never fade or discolour, are graffiti-resistant and won’t harbour mould or other organisms, making them ideal for a wide-variety of uses. Some of the stone options can even be back-lit, further mimicking their natural counterparts and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.”

In this kitchen scenario, Xtone Calacatta Green large format tiles have been used to line the walls and ceiling while Alpi Verde has been used on the splashback and the custom island, which features zig-zag detailing. Both products have been cut to order,

Stone & Tile Wholesale: thinking outside the (design) box

Dan says that Stone & Tile Wholesale offers architects and designers a further service intended to assist them in creating even more bespoke design schemes with custom wall and floor tiles—a cut-to-size service.

“Rather than being constrained to standard sizes, we can cut to any size to allow for just one grout line and can even accommodate different shapes. Architects and designers need only supply us with their specifications or a CAD-based file of their preferred shape and we can provide them with a precise reproduction using computer-controlled waterjet cutting equipment.

“Thanks to this service, architectural designers will be able to push the boundaries of surface design fully into the realm of three-dimensional construction.”

Dan says the turnaround on this bespoke, cut-to-order service is around 16 weeks, taking into account importing the base materials and the cutting process.

“We would advise designers to contact us as early into the process as possible to ensure timely delivery of the finished product. Also, we would carry out a site visit for the purposes of a final measurement prior to cutting to ensure the absolute perfect result.”

Learn more about the Xtone range and the cut-to-size service.

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