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Click-on cladding and batten system offers style and speed

Click-on cladding and batten system offers style and speed

Sculptform gives you a Click-on Cladding and Batten system that offers on-site flexibility, incredible installation speed and superb performance, which means designers and builders can work together to achieve design visions and stay within budget and compliance requirements.

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“We’re all about our patented modular Click-on wall and ceiling system,” says James Thomas, New Zealand Business Development Manager for Sculptform.

Sculptform’s range of decorative wall and ceiling lining systems are modular, making them able to adapt to any design intent and project requirement. Sculptform prides itself on its 'beautiful designs made buildable' mantra.

“Our Click-on system has clips pre-fitted to mounting tracks, with cladding and battens prefinished in our factory ready for installation—which is a quick and easy process thanks to the simple design,” he says. "And there’s no need for ‘shop drawings’—the architect doesn’t need to wait for the site to be built to plan.

“In New Zealand, we’ve worked with Woods Baggot, Warren & Mahoney, Jasmax, Peddle Thorpe, Ignite, Architectus and more, and we’ve just finished installing over 48,000 lineal metres of Click-on Battens on the new Christchurch Convention Centre. It’s a real landmark building and we’re very proud to be associated with it.”

The Click-on system allows for a bit of ‘wriggle room’ or ‘fudge factor’ on site, meaning things can be adjusted as it’s installed. Reports back from architects and builders who have used the system say that they’re just amazed at how easy it is to install and how great it is to adapt the product when things aren’t exact—the system actually fixes accumulative error and removes that panic on site when things aren’t quite right, adds James.

The aluminium-extruded Click-on Cladding requires no nails and no screws (apart from those used in installing the rails). The clips are pre-fitted and cladding can be up to 300mm wide and 6m long.

The cladding is not considered a weathertight product—“we look at it as being more like a rainscreen,” says James, “but it blocks 90 per cent of the water hitting it, so the waterproof substrate—we work with ProClima mainly for that—only has to deal with the balance, meaning the substrate needs a lot less maintenance and its lifespan is a lot longer. It also means you just need an engineer’s PS1 sign-off for compliance.”

For the fit out of the Buddle Findlay offices in Auckland, designed by Warren and Mahoney, Sculptform installed a suspended ceiling arrangement of Click-on Battens in Victorian ash.

Modular system: unlimited design flexibility

Sculptform’s Click-on Battens use the same mounting track as Click-on Cladding so installation is just as quick. Timber is their most popular material, with a multitude of coatings, sizes and species to choose from. Aluminium is also available, which offers lower-maintenance and longevity—with timber-look finishes or powder coating available. Sculptform finishes include aged brass, bronze, or Corten steel, along with many others.

The Click-on Battens are also modular—it’s an onsite ‘stick build’ with the ‘sticks’ being pre-made into the shapes required; and easily trimmed to fit when necessary.

Sculptform uses Australian hardwood timbers such as spotted gum and blackbutt for their durability, as well as American oak, but remains open to new timber species. For instance, they’re currently trialling Southland Beech—a beautiful blonde/white colour and offer New Zealand sourced pine (for interior applications only). These are finished with their enormous range of different stains, polyurethanes and clear oils.

“When used on the exterior, the battens are not a rainscreen—they’re an aesthetic addition or ‘decorative lining’ that look amazing,” adds James.

"Our factory manufacturing system ensures the coating of the battens and cladding is reliable and accurate all the way around when preparing the finishes—no drips from painting, polyurethane or oiling." says James. “Plus, with the comprehensive range of wraps we offer, it means each installation is project-focused and likely unique. Specifiers can choose colours and finishes to make their installation matchless.”

The wraps are sourced from Japan and are made from a polyethylene film that “doesn’t fade or deteriorate, delaminate, crack or peel.”

Spanning several floors and incorporating many curves in each project, Click-on Battens were chosen for the renovation of Her Majesty's Theatre in Adelaide (left) and for the Novartis offices in Macquarie Park, New South Wales.

Click-on Battens and Cladding: delivery direct from Australia

Sculptform freights from its Australian factory directly to site anywhere in New Zealand, so there’s no import hassles and delays. Normal turnaround times are 8-10 weeks for manufacturing and 4-6 weeks sea freight and shipping is included in the price.

“We can make a regular delivery faster via airfreight,” James says, “but when there’s something really urgent, we can do an even quicker turnaround for smaller jobs. We’ve done a delivery in four weeks, and on one occasion I took a call in the morning from Hawkins—who we do quite a bit of work for—and we had it manufactured by midday and delivered two days later to the site at Wakefield Hospital in Wellington.”

Sculptform takes enquiries for its products from all over the world.

Learn more about the full range of Click-on Batten and Click-on Cladding systems.

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