Timber installation is made easier with Timspec - Cladding and Roofing NZ
Timber installation is made easier with Timspec

Timber installation is made easier with Timspec

Timspec stocks a wide range of weatherboard styles and species suitable for design variations. 

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Weatherboard cladding has long been popular on our shores, but traditionally it was used horizontally, and primarily on residential homes. Over the years, design and building methodologies have developed and vertical shiplap cladding has seen a surge in popularity.

The huge uptake of vertical shiplap cladding presented various issues for designers in that the Building Code still didn’t, and doesn’t, allow for it to be used over a drained cavity. This issue saw the cladding industry work around the problem, and Timspec were the first company to achieve a CodeMark certification for its vertical shiplap cladding system.

Jonathan Rugg from Timspec says that  "weatherboard certification means that our system can be used over a drained cavity and it has been tested and proven as a proprietary system that overrides the stipulations of the Building Code,”

Accoya Weatherboards

Timspec CertClad systems are the first CodeMark certified systems in New Zealand. CertClad system includes three species and they are: Radiata Pine, Accoya and Western Red Cedar.

“Interestingly, timber cladding is gaining popularity and usage is increasing dramatically, one of the reasons is because timber is specified on commercial buildings, and the second would be beacuse of its proven sustainablility over residential projects,” says Jonathan Rugg, Architectural and Specifications Manager at Timspec.

In the recent times, there is growth of timber in the commercial building sector, ranging up to four storeys. Timber can be outstanding when compared to other building materials only if installed correctly and maintained.

In order to erase the sceptic nature of timber fixings, we have upgraded our installation manuals, drawing manuals and our website this year to be more clear and simplified information as well as technical data.  



We have analysed from our past experience that people have a lot of questions about installation, in some cases they assume and fix the timber using wrong nails and fixing methods. To solve this issue, we have created our installation manuals to be more precise for builders and specifiers. That includes, written information, CAD drawings and we are inclined towards producing 3D drawings and videos in the near future. All the technical data manuals are available on our website 

(www.timspec.co.nz, www.certclad.co.nz). We strongly recommend to download and use the resource as reference in order to avoid potential problems and redos. 

Finally,“We strive to ensure that our products and systems are installed correctly and that they perform well in any circumstance. We have excellent and helpful Architectural Specifications team. Send us a query and we will respond as soon as possible. Follow the link below.


Call us on: Auckland: 09 620 0260, Christchurch: 03 384 5287

Western Red Cedar

In the case weatherboard systems are installed incorrectly – and the margin of error is minute – the risks and wide-ranging including weather tightness issues and cupping.

“Incorrect nail positioning is the most common error in installation, and there are only a few millimetres of tolerance to ensure the boards are nailed correctly.”

Timspec’s new concise installation manuals are all available on their website and are free to download. “We also offer on-site assistance and training, and extensive online advice.”

If you’re considering weatherboard cladding for your next project, residential or commercial, make sure you visit Timspec on ArchiPro here to see what you could achieve.

Radiata Pine, NZ grown
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