Nature is at the core of Trespa Cladding - Cladding and Roofing NZ
Nature is at the core of Trespa Cladding

Nature is at the core of Trespa Cladding

Trespa Meteon provides Architects and specifiers with an enticing, reliable and sustainable solution to create striking facades.

Words by Décortech

Trespa Meteon is a rigorously engineered High Pressure Laminate (HPL) that turns wood-based fibres and resins into a high impact resistant, dimensionally stable building material. Trespa Meteon panels are FSC Certified, PEFC Certified, BREEM Accredited and ISO 14001 Certified. 

Sustainability became a key part of Trespa’s strategy in 2010. Trespa’s sustainability policy is based on a deeply felt motivation to shift from ‘Being Less Bad’ for the environment to being ‘Good’ and creating new value. Over the years, Trespa has strived to monitor and improve the environmental performance and have implemented a number of projects which reflect this. Trespa launched ‘Trespa Second Life’ where façade panels after their service time, instead of being disposed of now can be reused for outdoor furniture and many other applications. 

Trespa sustainability policy is the creation of high quality and durable products, if a product is durable it lasts long and the environmental impact of its production is spread over a longer time. Trespa is proud that the reference service life for Trespa Meteon panels is set at 50 years, this make specifying Trespa Meteon on your project as easy choice. With over 150 colours andfinishes Trespa leads the way of creativity and endless design possibilities. 

Already installed on a number of buildings across New Zealand from the eye-catching soffit of Rawhiti Estate to using Trespa as a canvas for cultural narratives particular to mana whenua and the Kura that have been incorporated on the Trespa panels to make a cultural design statement at Te Kura Maori Nga Tapuwae school. 

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