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5 ways to stay healthy at home

5 ways to stay healthy at home

Staying healthy while we’re at home is important.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In 48 hours’ time, New Zealand will be in a nationwide lockdown. It’s a momentous time in our history as a country and as a global community. 

For a minimum of four weeks, aside from those working in essential services, New Zealanders will have to stay at home — something many of us have never experienced, so it’s important to keep healthy and positive during this time.

Here are five ways to prioritise your health while you’re home.

1. Keep everything clean

In regular times, it’s easy to put off spring cleaning and turn it into a once-a-year bonanza. But when you’re spending almost all of your time confined within your home’s walls, it’s not a good idea to let things build up.

Dirty surfaces around the home can provide havens for bacteria to grow. Pathogens can better survive on smooth surfaces like glass, metal, stone or plastic, so make sure these are cleaned regularly.

Beyond the physical health aspect, there’s also the mental side to consider. Having to look at dirty carpets and grubby surfaces isn’t the best way to promote mental wellbeing. 

Keeping the surfaces in your house clean will make them healthier and more enjoyable to live with...

2. Organisation and storage

It might seem like a semantic point, but there’s a difference between being clean and being tidy. While we’re spending a lot more time at home, the latter is just as important as the former.

Storage and shelving makes it much easier to know where everything in your home is when you need it, especially if you’ve converted an area of the home into a home office.

Shelving and storage units make it easier to know where everything in your home is.

3. Creating a haven in the home

Isolation is something many of us aren’t used to, especially if you’re one of the many Kiwis who normally work in a social environment. 

It can be hard to be stuck at home but why not make the most of it? Is there a corner of the home that could do with a bit of colour? Often, a simple addition such as a throw, a cushion or other decorative decor can introduce a whole new aesthetic to a space. 

Introducing a bit of greenery in the form of indoor plants is another easy way to create a sense of calm and connection with the outdoors.

4. Stay active

Don’t let the couch turn you into a contestant for “The Biggest Loser.” While you won’t be able to go to the gym, you can still get some exercise while staying at home. 

If you have the space and exercise equipment, turn a part of your house or garage into a home gym. Even if you don’t have equipment like weights or bands, you can still do things like yoga, stretching or body-weight exercises to keep up your strength.

The conditions of level four allow for exercise to take place outdoors too. You can go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride and get some fresh air. What’s important, however, is that you either do these activities alone or with other people from your household that you’re self-isolating with. 

Turning your garage into a home gym can help you keep fit.

5. Sleep well

Unless you’re able to work from home, you may be finding yourself with far fewer obligations than you normally have. It can be tempting, therefore, to throw your habits out the window and lose your daily schedule entirely.

Keep your bedroom furniture for sleeping and getting ready in the morning and, if you will be working from home, set up a dedicated work space in a different area of the home. This keeps other parts of your routine away from the space that should be a relaxing haven. 

Automated lighting too can assist you in the morning to rise, and to dim the lights in the evenings as you wind down from the day’s activities.

For more information on the government’s response and the measures coming into place, please visit the Unite against COVID-19 website.

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