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Beveled vs Flat?

Beveled vs Flat?

When choosing a laminate, there is a lot of options on the market…what do I choose?

Words by Woodland Lifestyle

The first point is that laminates have a completely impervious surface.. this means that there can be no water ingress to the surface. This is great.. however all these laminates are manufactured in the plank form so they have joins.. this is where the potential for water ingress starts.

Some laminates are manufactured with bevels on the joins and some are flat why? This entirely depends on the look you are trying to achieve, however, some are more water-friendly than others.. so beware.

Joins with no bevels give a very seamless look. Generally, these are the most entry-level pricewise. Buyer beware, these products have the least water resistance of any.

Joins with a bevel that appears a slightly different colour have what is called a painted bevel. Generally found in the more entry-level laminates. This painted bevel works fine however if there is heavy wear it can be the paint that wears through well before the surface. Obviously once the paint wears it exposes the HDF underneath which is a potential area for ingress. Generally, these have bevels of approx 1-2mm.

Joins that have the same colour/texture as the surface have what is called a pressed bevel. This is where the face surface product is applied and pressed onto the bevel. This gives the bevel the most protection and is widely recognized as the most water-resistant on the market.

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