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Getting it right: timber flooring

Getting it right: timber flooring

It’s a heartening fact that wood flooring is the most sustainable choice when considering floor options, so it’s a good place to start...

Words by Freedom Flooring

It’s a heartening fact that wood flooring is the most sustainable choice when considering floor options, so it’s a good place to start if environmentally sound decisions are at the top of mind.

“Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber is planted at a faster rate than it's used,” Freedom Flooring’s Brenda Boyer says. “During the growth period of a tree, it will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, which is why wood is carbon neutral, and remains so even after it has been harvested.

“Then there is the life of the floor. Not only will a timber floor last hundreds of years, but when it finally comes to the end of its life, it can be burnt for fuel or recycled.”

Apart from the sustainable properties of timber when considering flooring, there are various other things to consider when making a flooring choice. “You’ll want to think first about the traffic volume: is your home quiet or bursting with young kids and pets. These are things that will affect what kind of timber you want to invest in long term,” Brenda says.

American Oak Rustic Grade - Water Based Natural Finish

“Another really important thing to think about is colour and design. It’s a good idea to choose something that will knit all of your main elements together. Your floor, apart from the walls, covers the most space in a home and the importance of achieving an overall cohesion between elements cannot be underestimated.”

Then there are the technical aspects, such as if underfloor heating is being installed. If that’s the case, it can be better to choose an engineered board because of its greater stability.

“If you are the sort of person who likes to keep up with fashion and decor trends, it may be that a floor that can be sanded back and changed is a priority. In that case, solid timber would be the best option.” There are a few timbers that lend themselves to being sanded back and recoloured, most commonly Oak.

“But if you are someone who is ready to commit to a timber thats beauty speaks for itself and are certain you’ll always love it, some more striking timbers may be the best option such as Jarrah, Rosewood or Walnut.”

The longevity of solid timber is one of the draw cards for its use. It can also be used in any area of the home. “Well cared for solid timber floors will never have to be replaced so in the long run, we think the main consideration with solid timber is that it may cost slightly more upfront, but in the long term it is far more cost effective.”

American Oak Farmhouse

Comparatively, engineered timber flooring has different benefits, the main one being its greater stability, which is ideal for situations where underfloor heating is being installed. It can also be specified finished or unfinished. “Prefinished engineered timber is more cost effective as it is finished before it leaves the factory, which makes for quicker installation times and less mess because it isn’t being sanded and finished in situ.”

Freedom Flooring has the largest range of solid and engineered timber flooring in New Zealand, if you already know what product you are after, or you need a helping hand; Freedom Flooring is a one-stop shop from supply, installation or both. You are always welcome to call them for advice or have a look at their ArchiPro site here to see what can be achieved in timber.

White Engineered Oak Flooring
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