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The ultimate floorboard customisation

The ultimate floorboard customisation

With the launch of a customisable American Oak flooring, architects and designers can now achieve exactly the look they’re after— creating a sophisticated finish for any style.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Up until now, American Oak engineered flooring has only been available in standard sizes and finishes. Once it was installed on site, then it could be sanded to the texture required and finished with coatings.

But that’s about to change with the launch of the new Colour Oak—American Oak floorboard from Hurford’s, which offers end-users a huge range of choices early in the specification process. With Colour Oak, all of these selections can be completed in advance, well before the flooring is installed.

With the advent of this new board, Hurford’s Manager Jerremy Clarke says, “Colour Oak is a unique product that can be tailored to suit individual preferences—everything from the width and thickness to the depth of the bevelled edge, finish, coating and a colour selection that offers over 70 options.”

“That allows spaces to be styled around it. The benefit is they can get exactly the look and feel they want to complement their design.”

Available in more than 70 colour options, Colour Oak is constructed using three layers of American oak timber—a colour-graded oak surface, solid oak core and solid oak base—to provide stability in all environments.

Colour Oak: expertly crafted for superior stability

Constructed using three layers of sustainable American Oak timber, Colour Oak has a solid core that sits between a premium colour graded oak surface and a solid base. This provides greater stability in all environments.

“Because it’s a natural product, timber reacts differently in varying climatic conditions. The three layered, engineered construction of Colour Oak ensures greater consistency wherever it is installed throughout the country.”

Jerremy explains the options that are available to clients once architects and designers come to select the right board for the project, starting with the size of the board.

Three sizes are available: 192 x 15mm with a 4mm oak lamella (the surface wear layer); 240 x 15mm with a 4mm oak lamella; and, 240 x 19mm with a 6mm oak lamella.

Colour Oak flooring offers a selection of board sizes, surface options, bevelled edge preference, coating options and colours.

Colour Oak: a unique finish

After choosing their board size, designers need to consider surface options for the timber. Whether they want it more textured or a smoother finish, boards can be brushed with a minor texture or medium brushed for a deeper, more rustic texture to enhance the natural features of the unique grain.

Then comes the bevelled edge preference. A micro-bevel option of 0.5ml creates the look of a traditional solid floor. Or you can select the standard 1.5mm bevel which creates a greater depth and emphasises each individual board.

Coating options include a UV-cured lacquer, which offers an extremely durable surface coating that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. The other option is a hard wax oil, which is also a durable coating system, but it is a lot easier to refresh without having to re-sand later on.

The next decision that needs consideration is the gloss level or the sheen. The different sheens each give the floor a whole new look. The choices are: ultra-matte, matte and satin.

And finally, the client can choose from a huge array of over 70 different colours. Colour Oak offers the perfect shade and tone to complete every project with endless design flexibility.

Learn more about customisable, pre-finished oak flooring and it’s suitability for your next project.

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