A sense of calm: Salone del Mobile 2018 - Furniture and Decorating NZ
A sense of calm: Salone del Mobile 2018

A sense of calm: Salone del Mobile 2018

This year, the focus at Salone del Mobile in Milan was all about texture, curvature and unique materials...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

This year, the focus at Salone del Mobile in Milan was all about texture, curvature and unique materials. Many found that the essence of the 2018 fair had a sense of ‘coming home’, with pieces emanating a certain calmness.

“This calmness came from so many textures working in harmony together,” says David Shaw’s Kim Lempriere

“For example, with Henge we saw leather, fabrics, marble, wood, silver, platinum and brass metals cohesively placed and balanced together to offer a relaxed influence.”

This sense of relaxation echoed across the fair, including RODA and De Castelli, two of David Shaw's key international brands.


"Our brands definitely stood out amongst the best in the world, RODA and De Castelli were a true treat, it felt like they had completed their vision – all the past had come together to offer a sense of home," explains Kim,

Platinum was the material of choice this year, with curvature being a prominent feature on much of the furniture. This was also reflected in Euro Cucina with Kim noting that "the finishes were produced by the clever use of colour and texture in the same piece, and often curves featured consistently throughout the show.”



Despite this seeming chaotic blend of colour and texture in many of the pieces, the overall trend emitted an all-embracing sense of calm, something Kim says is central to David Shaw Furniture’s design philosophy: “A home needs to be welcoming so you can live effortlessly.”

Piper Sofa

The standout piece for Kim in Milan was the Oxymoron table by Massimo, pictured to the right.

“It’s a beautiful table. It moves and speaks to you in its volumes of uniqueness. Massimo designs pieces to be in your collection for a lifetime to be passed on to future generations: tomorrow’s antiques. This table completely compliments this philosophy. The top is made from bark which is joined like a jigsaw from underneath, sealed with a new durable matt finish, sitting on 4 brass/bronze legs which complete this design perfectly.”

When asked what New Zealand designers can take away from this incredible inspiration, Kim was quick to point out the plethora of talent in our country.

“We have amazing designers in New Zealand who not only interpret the global trends, but often take concepts to the next level,” adds Kim.

“It is one thing to see a trend, but it is another entirely to be able to incorporate that into our New Zealand lifestyle.”

David Shaw specialise in exclusive, bespoke furniture with a philosophy towards lifestyle furniture - simple, functional and beautiful pieces.  Their collections represent a mix of designs which are made in New Zealand, (David Shaw and Classique), as well as award-winning global designers from Italy, Germany, France and Australia.

Visit David Shaw on ArchiPro here to see how the the latest global trends are being embodied in bespoke handmade pieces with a distinctly New Zealand style

Oxymoron Table
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