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All You Need To Know About Dining Tables

All You Need To Know About Dining Tables

Buy something that may last for decades. - Have you ever wondered what furniture and decors like the dining table, beds, sofa, etc. will you put if you ever going to design your own house in the future or right now? What kind of theme you are going to apply? Is it classical, modern or bohemian perhaps? What kind of materials do you prefer in to dominate in your home; glass, wood, plastic, leather, steel or maybe combined?

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Well, most of us choose the furniture and decors based on our personalities, beliefs (like Feng shui), expert ideas and what is even trending nowadays. First is the table, as we all knows there are no homeowners that have one table only. There goes the dining table in our precious dining area or let me say the most important table of all the tables in our household. You know why it is because it lets people come closer together.

There’s a saying “food tastes better when you eat it with your family ”. Setting up our dining table with our silver cutlery and sitting down and enjoy eating our meal with our family is still the best part of your day. Having a conversation with your family, exchanging ideas, no matter what are your differences with each other you prefer to harmonize with one another in front of grace.

Dining table crafted from solid material

However, the question is, what that kind of material made of the table would you prefer? If you ask me personally, I would prefer a wood type for the dining table. It is not new in the furniture business that wood is one of the common material in making a table, specifically a dining table.

Dining table symbolizes the wealth and prosperity of the household. So it must have the strength and durability for the longevity of use of the table. Trust me if you have a sophisticated wood dining table that goes with your interior design, everyone will recognize you that you have a good taste in choosing things. It is easy to maintain, just simply wipe it with a cloth with wood cleaner on a regular basis. It has a natural texture, colour and tone which is easy to go together with other colours and decors with the design.

Yes, we decided to go with the wooden dining table, and now let us choose which wood should be used in our dream dining table. Manufacturers used two types of woods, the hardwood, and softwood. If we go with hardwood, oak wood is more popular in the furniture world today.

Here is a little trivia about an Oak tree. Did you know that Oak Tree is the national tree of the United States of America? In addition, in Greek mythology, the oak is the tree sacred to Zeus, king of the gods. So let us go back to furniture, a solid oak dining table is one of the best picks. It is a classic having been crafted from solid oak and has demonstrated the beautiful grain throughout the timber.

Dining table with unfading design

This solid dining table can be last for decades and can be served to your family up to the decades. Unlike other hardwoods, Oak has a variety of color. Which ranges from nearly white to a darker reddish-brown. In addition, this wood is suitable for many uses.

Other than that, what available in the market nowadays, is from the vintage or classic design. Some come with its chunky look and solid construction it makes a real statement. Being  crafted out of American oak with a slightly rustic mat finish which it really shows off the timbers beautiful natural grain to the best effect. In addition, some came with the natural timber finish. Which has just been oiled displays the stunning grain of the oak, and the unique cross leg allows seating right around the table. This table can be custom made to size and color and is also available with a matching bench seat.

Two of the most important things to check is the size and style of the table that going to fit your area and gives satisfaction to everyone in the household. It is an important factor to consider is the size of the family. It must not be too large or too small. Spaces between the seats must be considered. It must be comfortable to be used during having meals or working on it.

Practical dining table

The shape, as all we know, the table can be rectangular. Which are the most common, and shows that they are a practical, functional and comfortable option. The square one often found in contemporary or Asian style, it’s a clean, fresh shape to use and works very well in square dining areas. Oval is a unique shape that allows them to look beautiful just about anywhere. Whether it’s a formal setting, a casual decor, a small room or a large open space. Lastly, the round is well suited to small dining rooms. Because of their small footprint and rounded shape, they create a dining room environment that is warm, friendly and comfortable. Because there are no sharp edges, it is an ideal option for families with young children.

Sometimes, there are so-called unexpected guests that come to our home. And we want them to join us in our meals but we do not have any enough space in the table. Worry no more, it is now available, the extension dining table. This table also, made from the same as our oak dining table. But the advantage of using this is that the feature leg and the ability to extend the table from 1060mm to 1410mm. This table gives you all the options needed when space is required and you have regular guests to accommodate. Some pull, flip and push. And voila, you can continue your fancy conversation while having a meal.

Before we forget, how about the chair? We cannot just use the old broken chair in the corner if we have this beautiful dining table. Still, the table and chair must be a perfect pair. Choose the chair that will be given perfect complementing to the table and most importantly that we are comfortable too.

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