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Cosy Up This Winter

Cosy Up This Winter

Winter for most of us produces feelings of cold, miserable days with less options for entertainment. It can be depressing to say the least, which is why in winter we turn to furniture and soft furnishings that make us feel warm, cosy, and content. My take on winter approaching is actually feelings of excitement, not sadness. OK, I admit, I'm a homebody and most of my hobbies are inside ones, but there is no reason why you have to feel miserable this winter and I'll tell you why.

Words by Urbano Interiors

Most of our feelings and mood are affected by things that happen to us, but our surroundings can also play a major part in how we feel. Colour, comfort factor and ambience can all play a major part.

Warm saturated colours such as red, purples & browns give us the warm fuzzies, imitating the sun or something from a warmer climate, not quite the tropical beach we all imagine, but colours have such a huge impact on our everyday mood, try it by replacing some cool colours such as grey or blue with a splash of warm, even if its a cushion, candle or throw.

Comfort factor is important as we spend a lot more of our time stuck inside, where our inside hobbies like reading, drinking fine wines (haha) and watching tv with family feature a lot more. Snuggling up together under a Nana rug (come on guys, you know you do!), surrounding yourself with sumptuous feather filled cushions, lighting the fire and chillaxing is Number 1 on my list of things to do in winter, which is why it's my favourite season of the year. Keep your throws natural this winter with cotton or mohair being popular, and seek feather filled cushions and furniture to provide your body the best comfort after the stiffness that comes with being frozen and thawed out so many times throughout the day.

The need for different seating options becomes apparent when the whole family is together, with ottomans, chairs and sofas. Wrap around chairs, armed dining chairs, plush deep sofas are what we need.

Now don't forget lighting! It can also play a big part in our mood.  Ambient lighting is always the best way to make you feel cosy and warm in winter. The odd table lamp in the corner, a floor lamp next to the sofa or some flickering candles can make a huge difference. Softer, yellow or warm coloured low watt bulbs are best. Stark & offensive bright white lights make you feel cold and offended, somehow reminding you of your workplace, not exactly the best way to make you unwind.

So cosy up this winter on a plush feather filled sofa overflowing with your favourite cushions, bathed in ambience by a warm glow from your lamp, swaddled by your mohair rug, and yes, your cat will thank you for it too!

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