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Italian style

Italian style

The latest in Italian design represents a change in the way we view kitchens, and, for that matter, various other parts of the home. We had a chat with Valeria Carbonaro-Laws from Studio Italia about the latest from Italy and how it is shaping New Zealand design...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Typically, kitchen islands – and kitchens in general – are rather angular areas of hard lines and robust forms. Following the release last month of a new concept for kitchen dining, that’s about to change, with a more informal, friendly look being introduced.

“Generally, the kitchen island is an angular form around which stools are placed,” Studio Italia’s Valeria Carbonaro-Laws says. “At the Salone del Milano this year, Poliform showcased its latest kitchen concept: the snack table.”

The snack table represents a marked shift in kitchen design, introducing a circular element to the traditional rectangular form of the kitchen island. The circular snack table is designed to be attached to the kitchen island as a semi-joined form around which the stools are placed. “It makes the kitchen a lot more friendly and instantly more informal by adding a softness to the space. It’s quite a revolutionary way of looking at informal kitchen dining.”

Snack Table by Poliform

The Poliform kitchen display in Milan highlighted the company’s unique ability to combine different materials to create a beautiful whole, with combinations of gloss lacquer, fossilised oak, stainless steel, marble and bronze.

Marble also featured heavily in Poliform’s latest wall units, which were showcased in a stunning display combining marble back panels at different depths with timber and interesting backlights to

add different layers to the overall form.

Poliform’s other standout designs included wardrobes, in which green-toned leather featured heavily, along with elegant combinations of smoked glass and metal detailing.

All Poliform designs are bespoke, with materiality taken from each release to create customised solutions for every individual client.


Studio Italia is the exclusive distributor of Poliform in New Zealand. Their team works closely with clients and architects to design bespoke solutions from the latest style directions in Europe, which are finalised and then sent to Italy to be manufactured with a turnaround time of around 16 weeks.

“We are often in Italy looking at the latest styles and finding the pieces that are going to work best in New Zealand,” Valeria says. “We then bring the best pieces in and clients can come and see them in our showroom before working with us to create their own bespoke version of the pieces they want to design into their homes.”

Get in touch with Studio Italia on ArchiPro or visit their showroom in Grafton, Auckland to stay up to date with the latest in Italian design.

Senzafine Wardrobe by Poliform
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