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View our Outdoor Furniture in Your  Own Home

View our Outdoor Furniture in Your Own Home

Now you can view our outdoor furniture sets in your own space, Our website allows you to do just that with the help of a smart phone or tablet (2017 or later). The furniture appears on your screen as if the sets are really there and allows you to walk around them and see them at all angles.

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How to use Augmented Reality

How it Works

Simply select the desired product from the menu below and follow the instructions on your device.

Once scanned the item will appear on your screen and you can move it into the required position using your finger to drag it around. Swivel the item using two fingers to make sure that it is perfectly positioned.

You can ‘walk around’ the pieces, get a sense of scale, colour and style. Being able to visualise our furniture in your own home gives you the extra reassurance that you are making the right choice.

We have selected core collections, and are currently developing additional collections for you to interact with.

See the range you can view in your home here.

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