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When one size does not fit all

When one size does not fit all

BoConcept customised Danish dining tables.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Ever since BoConcept was established by two cabinetmakers in the tiny Danish village of Herning in the 1950s, the company has been renowned for high quality, modular furniture with the ability to customise for individual living and work environments.

“No matter what style you choose, you can change the colour, the size and sometimes the shape and finish,” says store manager Annaliese Murrell.

The seamless extendable butterfly leaf extension mechanism featured on the very first dining table. It has remained popular because it works so well, adding huge versatility although its function and detail have been refined.

One person can easily add the extension to lengthen the table by sliding the two halves of the tabletop apart and folding it into place.

It’s not just incorporated into traditional four-legged tables, it works equally well on the new plinth or centre-based tables, which are great for accommodating more people.

Plinth-based tables, like the elegant new Alicante are weighted to make them very sturdy. They’re a more expensive premium option, popular with empty nesters. The fact that you can see past the base to the rest of the room in a large space gives them a light, airy feel.

The Alicante Dining Table in white

The Alicante is available in lacquer, timber or the new ceramic tabletop finish, which the company introduced for a high-end stone look.

Ceramic is very trendy, explains Annaliese. “We use a thin layer of porcelain ceramic made in Spain by Coverlam. It’s held together with fibreglass underneath then reinforced with the MDF frame of the table, which makes it very stable.

“Full body porcelain goes all the way through the surface, so it’s the same colour throughout the material. As it’s fully sealed with a coating, it’s also more durable than natural stone. If you spill red wine on the surface, it doesn’t sink in. Even if you put a hot pan at 200 degrees on it, it will not mark, nor will it scratch.”

As well as a selection of textural stone ceramic finishes, it comes in a smooth marble stone ceramic option that looks exactly like marble with beautiful grains that are matched in a continuous pattern across the table section, as if the entire tabletop were one piece.

It’s still a completely natural product but the coating adds incredible durability.

Torino: an outdoor table with the style and elegance of an indoor table.

Another extremely customisable table, the Torino is versatile in both size and function.

“We sell it predominantly as a dining table for indoors or out, but it can also be used as an office desk or a conference table. The tabletop is made from high-pressure laminate, which results in an extremely hard surface that’s scratch-proof. You can apply an iron to resurface it (though there is a special process) and remove any marks. That’s one of the reasons why we often sell it to the hospitality trade.”

With its slim legs, the Torino table is narrow with a simple, minimalist profile.

“It’s very easy to match with different chairs. We’ve sold it to a lot of people with eclectic taste. It provides a good solid foundation and the matte black looks good with six different dining chairs.”

While it doesn’t incorporate an extension, it can be customised for a bar, a café style table, a regular 1.8m table or a 3m conference table with cable management in the legs or on the surface.

“Because it’s made to last, the Torino is perfect for those who have children. When you buy once and buy right, you don’t have to refresh your decor when they leave home.”

Beauty and functionality come together in the stylish Kingston table. The organic shape radiates softness while the slightly tapered and inclined legs ensure a light, Nordic expression.

In line with the trend towards organic rather than hard-edged shapes, the Kingston has a bow-shaped tabletop. With its gently tapered, matte finished legs, it has a casual look that appeals to first home buyers or people starting out on their quest for more permanent furniture. It comes in a selection of lacquer and timber top options.

For those who want a particularly large table and prefer a more traditional look, the Augusta table comes with four legs and an integrated extension that makes it very easy to make room for 12 people. It is available in ceramic for a high-end look with softened edges.

Most round tables on the market aren’t available with extensions but BoConcept’s new Granada table is an exception. When you slide the two tabletop halves out and add the extension it creates an oval shape. The sturdy pedestal base allows more leg space and gives the table an edgy look.

There is absolutely a table for everyone at BoConcept. The showroom in Mt Eden’s Normanby Road just touches the surface of what can be achieved. The whole concept is about personalising your furniture to create your own style. Customised tables come flat-packed from Denmark where they are produced, like a jigsaw puzzle of pieces that are put together in New Zealand to create furniture that is uniquely yours.

Learn more about which table is right for your next project.

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