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5 striking contemporary indoor fire designs

5 striking contemporary indoor fire designs

Rich and luxurious heat is not the only thing contemporary wood fires have to offer.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Of all the options for home heating available, the fireplace might be the least utilitarian. Sure, a roaring hot fire is going to warm a home, no trouble. But it's unique among heating technologies in that it does so in a visually appealing way, meaning fires can play a prominent design role in the spaces they occupy.

Here are five fireplaces with striking contemporary designs.

Stovax Studio 2 Fireplace

Metal and wood provide a chic industrial aesthetic to the Stovax Studio 2.

The Stovax Studio 2 Fireplace is a versatile wood fireplace. A relatively thick border encircles the glass front panel, providing opportunities for bold contrasts with the chosen surround. As pictured, the strong black hues of the Studio 2 pop out from the white stone shelf below it, as well as providing a more subtle contrast with the irregular metal finish of the surround.

The fire features clean burn technology that funnells preheated secondary air into the firebox, which burns some of the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke. Air wash flow also helps the window stay clean, enhancing the visual appeal while the flames are dancing.

Outputting up to 16kW, the Studio 2 provides plenty of heat. A freestanding option is also available, as well as models for both urban and rural use. In most of the country, urban fires need to be 'clean burning' models, but check with your local council as to what your specific guidelines are. What counts as rural can also vary, but typically if your property is 2 Ha or larger you can use a rural model.

The Stovax Studio 2 is available from The Fireplace.

Double Sided Fire (See Through)

Double sided fires can provide a unique visual appeal and heat in two spaces at once.

The double sided fire is one of the most unique configurations of fireplace around. With most fires, you're looking into the flames and the background provided is simply black. A double sided fire, on the other hand, has you looking through the flames, which can make the space feel more open and alive.

The Fireplace has a number of double sided fires available, including wood and gas models, which come in either glass or open configurations.

You can also use different frames on either side of the fire if desired, which can be useful if the spaces on each side have different design themes.

Spartherm Corner Wood Fire

With its unique design, the Spartherm Corner Wood Fire uses hard lines and offset geometry to its advantage.

Fires with two sides usually have one on the front and one on the back, making them see through. What if there was a fire, however, where two perpendicular sides were glass and came together to form a clear, crystalline corner? Well there is; it's made by Spartherm, the premier German brand, and it's simply called the Corner Wood Fire.

With the Corner Fire, heat radiates in two directions, both of which give you views of the flames inside. A maximum output of 24kW makes it great for large living spaces, and because it comes in both left and right hand models, it can fit perfectly into any space or orientation you design.

Because the fire occupies the corner of the surround it's part of, it offers opportunities to create unique and asymmetrical designs like the one pictured.

Find the Spartherm Corner Wood Fire at Stoke Fireplace Studio.

Regency Mansfield See-through Wood Fireplace

A see through fireplace is an elegant way to divide two spaces while retaining some feeling of openness.

The Regency Mansfield is another example of a see through fire providing a clean, minimalist design nearer the centre of the room, radiating heat in two directions instead of one. For larger spaces, this can get the room warmer faster than a regular single-sided fireplace mounted on one wall.

The Mansfield can be loaded from both sides, a feature taken advantage of in this instance by a surround that also has a double-sided wood storage area, giving the overall surround a greater functionality and visual variety.

One of the optional extras the Mansfield has available is a slim line finishing trim, which diminishes the framing edges of the fireplace, making the glass front and the orange splendour inside the star of the show.

You can find the Mansfield at Aber Living.

Stovax Studio 3 Rural Fireplace

The Studio 3 provides a panoramic view of the shimmering flames and glowing logs.

What's four times as wide as it is tall, with an average heating capacity of 18kW? The Stovax Studio 3 Fireplace, of course.

The elongated base of the Studio 3 is what sets it apart from other fires. This makes it a perfect fit on large walls where a narrower fire might look a little too small for the space. And with multiple frame styles, you'll be able to find a design that suits any type of wall surround.

It's important with such a large fire that it's still safe and easy to use; the door of the Studio 3 opens downwards with a hinge at the bottom, minimising the chance that any ash or contaminants can fall out into the room.

Take note that the Studio 3 is only rated for rural use—that is, on properties greater than 2 Ha in size and not in urban areas.

You can find the Studio 3 at The Fireplace.

For more fireplace inspiration, check out our range of wood fires, gas fires, and bioethanol fires.

Top banner image credit: Stoke Fireplace Studio

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