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Apartment and townhouse living - preventing moisture buildup

Apartment and townhouse living - preventing moisture buildup

With high density builds on the increase, mitigating moisture levels and overheating within individual apartments are two key concerns for occupants.

Words by The Heating Company

As more and more Kiwis choose to live in apartments and townhouses, many for the first time after living in family homes for years, issues around correct heating and ventilation are being brought to the fore as the multi-unit model of living differs from the stand-alone home model.

In some instances natural ventilation is curtailed in apartments as the number of external windows and doors is limited, which in turn can lead to a general feeling of stuffiness and a build up of moisture and polluted air. 

Having a specially designed mechanical heat recovery system installed will not only minimise moisture and polluted air from general living and exhalation when people sleep—but also has the ability to cool your home by utilizing the summer bypass function and prevent the stuffiness normally associated through overheating.

Other benefits when installing MHRV systems:

  • Lets fresh air in without the noise pollution, dirt and dust from outside
  • Ensures a safe and healthy indoor air quality with low CO2 build up
  • Continuous fresh, filtered and conditioned air; even with all windows closed during adverse weather conditions or to prevent insect and pollen ingress
  • Continuous circulation and extraction of damp air in bathrooms; particularly beneficial in situations where the bathroom is centrally located with no external windows
  • Low-energy motors are cost-effective to run 
  • Easy to install and maintain with fully automatic or user-friendly controls
  • Continuous circulation and filtration of air means VOC gases from cleaning chemicals and furnishings are not trapped within the apartment
  • Ensures naturally lower humidity levels, minimising moisture build up.
  • Detailed quality assurance

The Heating Company: MHRV systems for apartments

As heating and ventilation are synonymous with each other, The Heating Company is not only able to specify heating options—where operational savings create an investment benefit—but also design and specify MHRV systems, with offerings which include decentralised or centralised systems, all designed and made in Europe.

Learn more with our Free Ventilation Systems Buyers Guide here.

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