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Sleep Is Important

Sleep Is Important

Sleep is so important to our health and wellbeing. When researching sleep and how to sleep better some things come through strong.

Words by Varcoe

1.  Sleep when your body is naturally tired and within is natural sleep-wake cycle.

2.  Control your exposure to light during the day, your body produces melatonin when it is dark.  But your body needs exposure to light during the day to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm (sleep pattern).  Perhaps that is why we always sleep better after a day outdoors.

3.  Exercise, and a great diet help.

4.  Wind down before going to bed.

5,  Improve your sleep environment.

It’s the last one that really interests me, because that is where heat pumps can really help.  They can easily maintain the recommended 18C temperature during both summer and winter.  But that is not the best part, the white noise really helps too.  A correct heat pump install is also critical.  It is so important not to have draughts over the bed.

I see heat pumps as a win win in today’s busy world, and certainly a practical solution for many to create a better sleep environment.

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