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Three key reasons why underfloor heating systems are the better solution

Three key reasons why underfloor heating systems are the better solution

Heat rises – it's that simple! So if you want to warm your home efficiently and economically, start from the ground up. Heated floors offer a healthy, cosy solution for your family – along with affordable heating bills

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Heated floor systems are generally perceived as an expensive way of heating a property, but the truth is that their benefits more than outweigh the initial investment. 

Healthier air quality

If you or anyone in your household has respiratory problems or allergies, you’ll want to consider underfloor heat as an alternative to portable heaters or radiators. Traditional heating systems warm up spaces by spreading hot air around, but within that hot air usually, lie allergens like pet dander and dust mites. Over time, this can induce or worsen asthma and allergy attacks and make for poor indoor air quality. On the other hand, radiant heat does not circulate allergens around your home, so you’ll get to enjoy all the comfort of a warm home without exposure to allergy triggers.As you can see, installing electric radiant floors can be beneficial to your health and your budget, while helping you get more enjoyment out of your home.

Save on heating bills

Undercarpet heating is usually considered a high-end solution that’s only affordable to very few people, but this is more a myth than a fact. Although the initial investment may be higher when compared to conventional heating appliances, electric underfloor heating is cheaper to run in the long term, and you’ll offset the initial costs quickly.Unlike traditional heating systems like panel heaters, radiators, or portable heating appliances, underfloor or undertile heating has low electric consumption and is able to warm up spaces evenly without inefficient (and expensive!) heat losses.

Add value to your home

Because this heating system is seen as a premium solution, having it installed in your home will add value to your property should you ever decide to sell it. There’s a strong appeal in being able to move into a home that is already equipped with such an efficient and comfortable heating system, so prospective buyers will be more inclined to pay a higher price to benefit from this. In addition to being a solid investment, heated flooring systems are something you’ll get to enjoy while you live in your home.

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