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Heart of glass

Heart of glass

In the heart of the home, glass is being specified more frequently than ever for splashbacks, but not necessarily glass as we know it...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In the heart of the home, glass is being specified more frequently than ever for splashbacks, but not necessarily glass as we know it. Because of the innumerable possibilities to customise glass, it’s a product that’s grown in popularity for its ability to allow a unique level of creative freedom.

“There are so many ways you can create glass features, especially with splashbacks, we are finding people love it because it’s a way to bring a kitchen to life,” Image Glass’ Gina Collins says.

Antique Mirror Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks have moved on from standard back painted pieces though. While this is still a popular option, it’s mirrored effects and glass sprayed with metal adornments that are on trend at the moment.

“The antique mirrored look creates immediate interest,” Gina says. “This is slightly mirrored glass that creates reflection but is also aged so it creates a distinct aesthetic.

“Another mirrored option that’s in vogue is smokey mirror, which produces a darker reflection than traditional mirror,” Gina says. “Particularly in apartments, this is a stunning option because they’re often quite small kitchens so using a smokey mirror splashback can really open up the space.”

Metallic glass is another contemporary option that has seen a comeback in recent years. “Metallics create a bold feature, bringing a bit of sparkle and life to a kitchen.”

Mirrored Glass Splashback

Bold geometric printed patterns are another way designers are favouring to add expression and life to a kitchen, both in new builds and renovations. Another way to customise your glass splashback is to photograph/digitise a wallpaper pattern and print this onto glass.

Image Glass also work with Metalier to create a range of bespoke metal and glass creations. “It’s essentially spraying liquid metal onto glass to give it a certain texture or to create textural patterns in a range of different finishes.” This has been a favoured option for splashbacks recently, with the new collaboration opening up a new range of unique glass designs that are particularly suited to the kitchen.

Image Glass is a New Zealand-owned business that specialises in splashbacks, and offers a full service incorporating site visits, manufacture and installation across the country.

If you’re embarking on a kitchen renovation, or are simply after some bold inspiration, make sure you visit Image Glass on ArchiPro here to see some of their latest work.

Metalier on glass from Harper Interior Design
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