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Living finishes: door hardware

Living finishes: door hardware

Hardware isn’t the first thing we think of when the words ‘on-trend’ come up, but in fact like almost everything else it too evolves through different styles. We chatted to Allegion about the latest in door hardware: living finishes.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

It would be fair to say, what’s in vogue in terms of hardware takes a while to evolve but it does, albeit slowly, change and we’re on the cusp of something new in 2018 with different finishes and colour tones coming into fashion.

The most sought-after preference for door hardware has, for the last 40 or so years, centred on satin chrome. This year has seen a marked change in what’s popular and it’s a distinct change from the classic look. Contemporary finishes are much more diverse, with living finishes the latest on the market, Allegion's Craig Patterson says.

Legge by Allegion has just released four new finishes, bringing their range up to a collection of seven high-end options known as Luxe. and favoured for architecturally designed homes and commercial applications.

Living finishes are those that offer a more organic feel and change over time. Oil-rubbed bronze is one of the new finishes that’s proving popular; an almost gun-metal aesthetic. Antique bronze is another new finish in the living finishes range, which features deep brown tones and has an eastern feel. Satin brass is the other living finish – a dirty gold tone.

“Living finishes slightly change as the brass oxidises over time, developing a much richer, deeper colouring and creating their own character,” Craig says.

The fourth new finish released this year is satin black chrome. “Black has proven extremely popular over the last few years in kitchens and bathrooms, and that’s now coming through in door hardware too. “Where other finishes like brass and chrome add reflection, sparkle and character, black allows better visual enhancements of form and sculpture.”

Despite the seemingly small place of door hardware in an overall design, it is a critical element working to enhance and pull together various features within a space.

Legge’s Luxe. range door hardware is made from brass and is designed, assembled and finished in New Zealand. “The Luxe. range is ideal for commercial applications and high-end homes because of the longevity of the materials,” Craig says. “They’re all electro-plated which is the highest finish on the market, and won’t chip or wear as other finishes can.”

The Luxe. finishes are designed to work in conjunction with Legge's range of 17 lever designs and five plate designs to allow designers the ability to create bespoke pieces that will enhance any project.

Make sure you visit Legge on ArchiPro here to peruse the latest in door hardware design and style.

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