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Punk and commercial interiors - an unlikely combination or the perfect fit?

Punk and commercial interiors - an unlikely combination or the perfect fit?

In a change of pace for a top Scandinavian furniture brand, punk has become front and centre in the design process resulting in an unlikely, diverse collection. 

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The world of high-end commercial interiors is a niche sector but it's one where New Zealand designers are pushing the boundaries and forging exciting collaborations resulting in award-winning projects with a distinctly Kiwi vernacular.

It's in this space where Statement ID operates and for sales manager Lucy Harris, it’s an area of exciting and unlimited possibility in terms of shaping the evolution of office and commercial interiors. 

As part of that, in 2019 Statement ID partnered with Scandinavian brand Fogia, an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture producer, to increase the options for high-end, commercial-grade furniture and decor in New Zealand. 

“At this end of the market, there are limited options in New Zealand so our collaboration resonates with designers due to the increased choices available.”

The 2020 Fogia Collection is now available in New Zealand.

“What’s particularly alluring about Fogia is that their designs are decidedly Scandi but incorporate a really different feel,” Lucy says. “While they’re instantly recognisable as Scandinavian, they’re also very unique - something that is the due to the bold creativity of the brand, which continues to evolve with every collection.”

The latest collection is no exception, embracing the attitude of punk to breed creativity. “The vibrancy and energy, the standing in the face of the established status quo,” Fogia CEO Marcus Huber says. “This has translated into colour ways that go against what many might now consider ‘Fogia colours’ towards bold accents of block colour straight from the runways and street styles of gritty Berlin and London. 

“We’re not trying to rock the boat and won’t be sticking safety pins into our pieces. But in our own way, this is Fogia striking out again on its own, a soft rebellion that’s pulled together an unlikely, diverse range of designs that we feel set a new tone, pace and purpose for Scandinavian design.”

Scandinavian design: a fresh take is unveiled in Fogia's 2020 collection.
We’re not trying to rock the boat and won’t be sticking safety pins into our pieces... 

Fogia pieces are more than furniture; they’re investment pieces, Lucy says. “Any piece from Fogia is a piece that is innately beautiful in form, in materiality, and in function, and you know it will last forever. This revived notion of what constitutes Scandinavian design is appealing to the New Zealand market because of its distinctly unique appeal.

“Designers are looking for something different, and Fogia offers a new perspective. Every day, as an industry we’re aiming for more, to create unique and decidedly Kiwi spaces that compete on the global design stage. I think it’s because we are aware of our geographical isolation and as such we strive for a high design calibre; within this is where striking designers like Fogia fit in. 

“People are also looking for sustainable product, and that’s something that is central to everything Fogia creates with their world-renowned environmental, social and corporate responsibility policy,” Lucy says.

Fogia is available in New Zealand exclusively from Statement ID, which specialises in designer furniture for commercial interiors.

Classic lines and comfort combine in Fogia's 2020 collection for commercial and residential interiors.
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