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The sound of silence

The sound of silence

Limiting the amount of extraneous noise in our homes could just be the secret to a more healthful life. One company is doing their bit by taking a fresh approach to a common household appliance.

Words by Justin Foote

Recently released World Health Organisation Guidelines around noise levels provide strong evidence that noise is one of the top environmental hazards to both our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We are constantly surrounded by the hum of modern day life and our proclivity towards open-plan living spaces means that we are subjected to even more noise—from the television and conversations, to that produced by mechanical devices such as rangehoods—merging together to create a wall of sound.

Managing the noise level within your home isn’t always cut and dried but thanks to one manufacturer you can at least cut back on one culprit.

Schweigen is the first manufacturer of rangehoods to take the motor and move it outside,” says Tim Meyer, Marketing Manager for Parex Industries. “The result is a rangehood that is both quieter and more effective than traditional models, which have to first suck up the air and then push it outside, whereas the Schweigen IsoDrive system creates a vacuum to draw away vapours and aromas.”

Featuring soft-touch, eye-level controls with a digital display and five speeds, this European-designed island rangehood makes a striking visual statement.

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods: mix and match technology

Because the motor and rangehood canopy are two separate elements, you can select from one of 20 Silent Rangehood canopies—to match your decor—and team it with one of five motor assemblies to match your cooking needs, says Tim.

“There are a number of variables that work together to ensure the right solution, for example, ceiling-mounted canopies are particularly well suited to use above island benches where you want to maintain a clean ceiling plane but still want maximum extraction, while wall-mounted canopies suit traditional range-style ovens.

“Similarly, the model of motor you choose will depend on the amount of cooking you do at any one time but they range from the S1 model with 650m3/hr of airflow, best suited to minimal cooking, right up to the SE model with 3200m3/hr of airflow. For most family situations the SP model with 1600m3/hr of airflow would be sufficient.

“Better yet, the SP motor emits only 73dbA at a distance of one metre, which means that in most situations, the motor will not be heard above the ambient exterior noise. The S1 model is even quieter at less than 61dbA over the same distance. Optimal distance between the canopy and the motor is 3–4 metres for the S1 and 4–5 metres for the SP.”

Tim says IsoDrive motors can be installed on the roof, or mounted on a wall or under the eaves—this will depend on the design of the house in question.

“The motors can be tricky to retroactively install, so if you’re remodelling your kitchen or home, it is best to have the concept and idea up front so any potential issues can be easily rectified. While you can install the system yourself—as long as you check with your local council for building regulations and follow the installation instructions—we do advise you use a Schweigen Recommended Installer to ensure the warranty is not voided.”

The sleek and modern range of Schweigen undermount rangehoods has been designed to complement any contemporary kitchen.

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods: effective, efficient and enduring

The German-made IsoDrive motors carry a 10-year warranty—the canopies all carry a three-year warranty—and Tim says he’s not aware of one ever coming back.

“The motors have an IPX4 waterproof rating for use outside and are fitted with a clever water intrusion system, which directs rain and water away from the housing, preventing it from entering the home.

“Similarly, the SP motor comes complete with a back draught stopper that prevents outside air from entering the system when it’s not in use. An optional back draught stopper can be purchased for the S1 motor.”

All fittings and fixtures are supplied with the Silent Rangehood system, however, Tim says additional parts may be needed depending on the type of installation.

“Although we provide ducting with all of our rangehoods, each installation is unique and some parts may need to be purchased separately.”

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods are available through most trusted retailers and the company has a network of approved installers across the country.

Learn more about the benefits of installing a Schweigen Silent Rangehood into your kitchen.

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