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The Space Step: an all-in-one concealed storage drawer, footstool and seat

The Space Step: an all-in-one concealed storage drawer, footstool and seat

Have you ever struggled to reach that top shelf, couldn’t quite face watching the pre-schooler stand precariously on a wobbling kitchen chair to reach the bench or felt frustrated about the lack of storage available in your home? The answer is here.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

In an ingenious release by Blum, a new way of considering storage is here in the form of the Space Step - a product designed to simultaneously offer a solution for smart storage and an integrated stool on which to stand to reach those hard-to-access overhead shelves.

With a release date of 1 August, and available now on pre-order, the Space Step was first conceived about four years ago by the Blum design team in Austria after which a period of research and development ensued to create the perfect solution to join Blum’s cabinet application family.

“The Space Step is designed to be concealed behind the toe kick as a way of integrating additional storage into the home and providing a safe and functional way to access otherwise difficult to reach storage areas,” Blum New Zealand’s Sophie Beets explains.

“However, its uses are diverse with the Space Step particularly popular for families with children and those households that are looking to future proof their homes. A central part of Blum’s design ethos is inclusivity, so products such as the Space Step are designed for all ages and suitable for use by anyone from the very young to the elderly.”

In New Zealand in particular, cabinetry is often designed to extend right up to the ceiling - something that renders those top cupboards out of reach for many.

“The Space Step can be pulled out either as a drawer alone or as both drawer and step. It has locking feet that are activated with 8kgs and lock in place.”

An easily accessible area for additional storage, the Space Step sits concealed behind the toe kick.

Suitable for weights of up to 150kgs, the Space Step has an anti-slip tread in a grey finish, with the drawer sides available in an array of finishes. For example: white, grey or black when used with Blum’s popular soft close drawer range; Legrabox.

“The Space Step embodies what Blum is about. It is inclusive for everyone, designed to make the home more accessible for the golden years and for those mini chefs who can’t yet reach the benchtop safely,” Sophie says.

However it’s not just in the kitchen where the Space Step offers a unique practicality. “Wardrobes are another popular place to incorporate Space Steps as they’re an area renowned for overhead storage and hard-to-reach shelves and cabinets, as is the bathroom where the Space Step is ideal for under-vanity installation to help children easily access the basin and vanity top.”

Designed primarily for new builds or renovations and for use in conjunction with Blum hardware, the Space Step is compatible with toe kicks 150 to 250mm in height and customisable in terms of length, finish and internal organisation.

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Ideal for bathrooms, the Space Step is a convenient storage drawer and stool.
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