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15 Unique bathroom cabinet ideas for 2021

15 Unique bathroom cabinet ideas for 2021

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to transform your bathroom storage? Read on for the top storage ideas for bathroom cabinets.

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An item in your home's bathroom that can enhance its design while providing a great deal of functionality is the bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets provide you with storage to reduce clutter and chaos. Small bathroom storage cabinets also facilitate free access to your bathroom sink eliminating the need to keep items on your vanity counter.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, there are a variety of cabinet designs to choose from. These include designs such as a bathroom tower cabinet, bathroom wall cabinet, or a tall bathroom cabinet.

An innovatively designed small bathroom cabinet can even add character to a tight space. Bathroom mirror cabinets can make a cozy bathroom feel larger.

Finding the perfect design may be overwhelming, but this guide to some of this year's unique bathroom storage cabinet ideas will help. Read on for inspiration on sprucing up this sometimes busy room in your home.

15 Bathroom Cabinets That Will Enhance Your Space

Here are some of this year's unique bathroom storage cabinet ideas:

1. Bathroom Tower Cabinet

A bathroom tower cabinet is ideal for storing towels, linens, and toiletries. It's usually narrower to accommodate deeper shelves. This facilitates the storage of bulkier items while taking up less space within your bathroom.

Small bathrooms will usually be able to accommodate one bathroom tower cabinet. A great design for a larger bathroom is two tower cabinets on either end of a double vanity.

Bathroom Tall Cabinets can create the timeless interior you have always wanted. Image Credit: Bath Co

2. Bathroom Wall Cabinet

A bathroom wall cabinet is mounted against the wall. It can be from the floor to your desired height or incorporate a floating design. You can also customize its width and depth to suit your storage needs.

3. Small Bathroom Cabinet

You can customize a small bathroom cabinet to suit the style and design of your bathroom. Design a corner cabinet, a floating cabinet with ample shelving for your storage needs. Small bathroom cabinets can fit into your space and still allow you to store all your toiletries and other items.

4. Tall Bathroom Cabinet

A tall bathroom cabinet is a versatile option for any size bathroom. You can use a narrow tall cabinet in a small bathroom. Opt for greater depth and width for a larger bathroom.

Your design can also include multiple tall cabinets for additional storage, once you have the space to accommodate them.

5. Cube Mirror Unit

A cube mirror unit is compact and a great design for a small bathroom. The cube cabinet has two doors that include mirrors. It provides ample storage even in a smaller space.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets are a functional, multipurpose solution, practical for any bathroom size. Image Credit: Bath Co

6. Skyline Bathroom Cabinet

A skyline bathroom cabinet is a unique design. Its asymmetrical shape is not only eye-catching but provides two to three storage compartments.

What's great about this type of cabinet is that you mount it to the wall either horizontally or vertically. It all depends on the look you want to achieve.

7. Sliding Glass Door Cabinet

A sliding glass door cabinet serves a dual purpose. It allows you to store several bathroom items. It also allows you to easily see what you've stored.

It's ideal for more fragile items as well, because they are safely secured behind the glass.

8. Jumbo Cabinet

A jumbo cabinet is narrow in width and usually has a depth similar to that of a traditional medicine cabinet. However, what makes it different is that it can easily be the length of an average entryway door.

This length makes it more versatile than other cabinets as you can adjust the shelving to the heights you need. It's usually used to store medication or other small items. This cabinet's depth also ensures it doesn't protrude outward or get in the way.

It's a great storage solution for a smaller space.

9. Over the Toilet Mounted Cabinet

An over the toilet mounted cabinet is also ideal for a small bathroom. It's basically an enclosed shelf that's a little wider than your toilet. As its name indicates, you mount it above your toilet.

It's basically a mini organizer with cabinet doors that puts items within easy reach. The top of the cabinet functions as a shelf for additional storage.

Wall-mounted storage unit with shelves. Image credit: SA Plumbing Supply

10. Invisible Bathroom Cabinet

An invisible bathroom cabinet, as its name suggests, is a cabinet that isn't easily noticed. It's built into the wall and its doors mimic the look of the wall space surrounding the cabinet. This allows it to blend into the wall when you close the cabinet doors.

11. Built-In Cabinet

Built-in cabinets are similar to invisible cabinets. However, you can place them either in the main bathroom area or in the shower stall. It's a design that you must incorporate when designing your bathroom, or will entail minor renovations to install.

The design which is similar to the invisible cabinet is an alcove or niche hidden within the wall. However, cabinet doors are usually not included.

The shelves in a built-in cabinet are usually tall and deep making them perfect for storing multiple items. Items are also easily accessible as you don't need to open a door.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets. Image credit: Newtech

12. Bathroom Storage Bench

A storage bench is great if you have a low window in your bathroom. It's also a good element to incorporate into a children's bathroom. Your kids can sit on the bench which provides a nook where they can read.

The bonus is that the bench provides lots of storage. You can use a variety of materials and include custom upholstery for the seating.

13. Repurposed Armoire Cabinet

Have you inherited an older piece of furniture that you have no place for but can't give away due to its sentimental value? If your bathroom is large enough why not use it for storage? Armoires and bookshelves are ideal for this.

A repurposed armoire cabinet doesn't require a major bathroom renovation and may provide a statement piece that your guests won't be able to stop talking about. More importantly, it has a lot of storage space.

Image credit: Palazzo Kitchens Waikato

14. Vintage Cabinet

If you want a vintage look for your bathroom, a wall-mounted vintage cabinet can provide the perfect look. It can still give you ample storage space along with the period look you want. You can also include a mirror to create a perfectly functional piece.

15. Display Cabinet

A display cabinet is similar to a sliding glass door cabinet. They both display your stored items. The difference is a display cabinet has traditional cabinet doors that don't slide.

For an added touch you can store items in baskets, organizational canisters, or trays for a neater, more interesting display.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets That Reflect Your Style

Bathroom cabinets may be the most important element of your bathroom. You wouldn't be able to picture your bathroom without one. You also won't have a place to store many items you use every day.

It's an essential element of your bathroom's design with many options to choose from. Consider if a bathroom tower cabinet, a bathroom wall cabinet, or a tall bathroom cabinet will work best in your space.

Bathroom mirror cabinets also provide storage while allowing you to ensure you look your best. A small bathroom cabinet is also an option for a cozy space. Whatever design you choose, find a company that can provide you with options.

Archipro can. We have a variety of high-quality cabinets to choose from. Start getting your design juices flowing. Contact us today!

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