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Four innovative pull-out kitchen bin and laundry systems

Four innovative pull-out kitchen bin and laundry systems

Functionality and ease of use is a key part of any successful kitchen or laundry design, and a crucial element that can easily be overlooked is pull-out bins and laundry hampers

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Functionality and ease of use is a key part of any successful kitchen or laundry design, and a crucial element that can easily be overlooked is pull-out bins and laundry hampers. We’ve put together four innovative designer solutions for the ultimate in home organisation.  

For more than a decade, one Kiwi company has been designing and manufacturing what may seem somewhat of a prosaic product, however it’s something that when designed well can change the entire functionality and organisation of a kitchen or laundry. 

Here’s four designer kitchen bin and laundry hamper pull-out systems that undoubtedly make a huge difference to any home’s organisation.

1. Indoor bokashi Units

The Designer Series by Tanova offers a truly contemporary take on kitchen organisation, with super smooth sliding runners for effortless opening and closing and an integrated cushioning system that automatically adapts to varying closing speeds and drawer weights.

Incorporating the option of a specialised bokashi unit (an indoor composting bucket), this system is top on the list of innovative solutions for kitchen waste.

“The sheer number of models means there is bound to be an option to fit your space, from 350mm to 800mm cabinets and with multiple bucket configurations so that your family’s unique recycling/waste management needs can be aptly managed,” FIT’s Marty Boakes says.

“But it’s about much more than functionality with the Designer Series; here, form matches function with a sleek and contemporary profile.”

2. Double the capacity with double-stacked pull-out waste systems

A recent release by FIT in their Tanova brand is the new 20 and 36 litre buckets and baskets, which are suitable for both kitchen bins and laundry hampers, with the latter offering a perforated version of the kitchen bin for aeration.

“This approach to larger proportions meant that kitchen bin units with 20 litre buckets can be installed double-stacked within cabinets, thus doubling your operational capacity,” Marty says.

3. Why shouldn’t the bin be beautiful? A contemporary colour range.

With a noticeable trend towards darker hues in kitchens, including stylish and dramatic dark greys, the traditional white kitchen bin with grey frames is no longer the preference of designers and homeowners. 

“We’ve now released a frame in a beautiful, deep tone called Umbra Grey, and buckets in a rich Charcoal tone, both of which work wonderfully in conjunction with darker cabinetry, and also have the added advantage of camouflaging marks and drips.”

4. Smart storage: integrating waste systems and cabinetry

Seamlessly integrating waste and laundry systems with cabinetry is often either difficult or not possible, requiring a separate door system to house bins and laundry baskets. That’s changed with Tanova’s latest innovation; the launch of kitchen waste bin and laundry basket units designed specifically to integrate with Blum’s LEGRABOX cabinetry.

Launching in New Zealand this month a new waste and laundry system is set to change the possibilities for seamless integration between cabinetry and under-bench waste receptacles. “Our latest release in the Tanova product line is a thin-frame system that was designed specifically to integrate with Blum New Zealand’s LEGRABOX drawers,” Marty says.

For the FIT design team, being approached by Blum New Zealand was the beginning of a welcome project to develop a system that would seamlessly integrate with the cabinetry. 

“The options prior to this system were either using loose baskets in the cupboard, or specifying a different door for the bin area, but that option meant taking away the seamless aesthetics of the cabinetry - something that is not generally a desirable solution,” Marty explains. 

“Blum’s LEGRABOX cabinetry generally represents the top echelon of kitchen and laundry design so this integration is able to take it to the next level and solve the issue of a lack of integration with under-bench waste and laundry systems.”

The Tanova thin-frame system is designed and made in New Zealand with a combination of plastic and powder coated electrogalv steel. 

Available in a range of combinations, the system is designed to hold two of Tanova’s NZ-developed bins - of either 20 or 36 litre capacity – or two of their NZ-developed perforated laundry hampers. 

“Whatever combination of bins or hampers chosen, the system offers clean lines, and no catchment area for lint or dirt to build up. The two-bucket system is available for different cabinetry widths including 450mm, 500mm and 600mm - the standard LEGRABOX sizes.”

Colours available also match the LEGRABOX colours and are either in white or Umbra Grey, which matches the Orion Grey.

Find out more about innovations in home organisation systems for the kitchen and laun dry.

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