Taking tapware by Storm - Kitchen and Bathroom NZ
Taking tapware by Storm

Taking tapware by Storm

Upping the ante on the standard of tapware available in New Zealand, an exciting new range merges beautiful finishes with performance reliability.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

A minimalist, stainless steel-based tapware range launched by Voda Plumbingware comes in some exciting new finishes that perform as good as they look. Because the products are constructed with hard-wearing components and finished in high-quality coatings, the Storm range offers a high standard of performance backed by impressive warranties.

Managing director Jon Doherty of Voda Plumbingware established the company just five years ago with the aim of offering niche tapware with a point of difference.

He explains: “Rather than trying to be all things to everyone, we saw an opportunity to provide high-end products that would only be available from selected premium plumbing merchants and showrooms nationwide.”

While Voda Plumbingware is a young company, Jon and his passionate team have more than 150 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry. They focus on products that blend performance, reliability and design innovation. To do so, they take the best of international trends and combine it with their local design team to create premium products.

And while a lot of imported taps sacrifice quality for price, Voda Plumbingware design, assemble and test in New Zealand and include high-quality European ceramic cartridges so they are built to last.

The Storm range of tapware from Voda Plumbingware has been designed in an ultra-sleek, minimalist style to complement contemporary decor.

Voda Plumbingware: design innovation

The new Storm range is a good example of what they’re trying to achieve. It’s designed in an ultra-sleek, minimalist style "a timeless design that’s still very much in vogue", says Jon.

Unlike most taps that are constructed from brass, Storm is constructed from sturdy, lead-free stainless steel and comes in four finishes: brushed gunmetal, chrome, stainless steel and the latest to be launched—brushed copper, which is brand new to the market.

“Brushed copper is stunning and the response has been huge,” Jon confirms.

"In the past", he says, "a lot of tap finishes were powder-coated or in the case of matte black, electroplated. These coatings sit over the top surface of the product and they’re not particularly strong, so they tend to chip or scratch over time if misused".

Storm is constructed from lead-free stainless steel and comes in four PVD finishes: brushed gunmetal, chrome, stainless steel and brushed copper (seen here).

Voda Plumbingware: Coatings that last

In contrast, the Storm range of products has an advanced surface coating system called PVD or physical vapour deposition, which makes them highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, making them ideal for plumbingware. PVD is used for a wide range of decorative finishes with colours that don’t fade, making surfaces less susceptible to superficial damage and wear.

The other advantage of the Storm range is that the products work on all water pressures. He says, up to 50 per cent of homes in New Zealand are still on low water pressure so they require taps that can work on mains, low and unequal water pressures. The Storm range of products is suitable for all water pressures so it can be installed in just about any home or renovation project.

Voda’s Olympia range has also been updated and is now available in the same brushed copper finish, offering more options to mix and match products between the two ranges.

Voda Plumbingware: 10-year Warranty

Being constructed of stainless steel and coupled with a durable PVD coating, the range carries a full 10-year labour and replacement Warranty and 5 year labour and replacement Warranty on the coloured PVD finish. And as with all Voda products this is combined with a NZ-based after-sales support team for total peace of mind.

The Storm range is now available in standard and high-rise mixers, as well as wall-mounted basin mixers and slide showers with more yet to come. And if customers want other options, individual styles can be mixed and matched to complement showers in the Voda Olympia range.

Learn more about the new finishes and performance benefits available in the Storm range.

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