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The new normal

The new normal

Health-conscious bathroomware for commercial applications.

Words by Justin Foote

‘The new normal’ is a phrase that has been much bandied about since COVID-19 caused an almost total global lock down after reaching pandemic proportions earlier this year. In New Zealand we were luckier than most but while the human cost remains low, until a viable vaccine is developed there will continue to be wide-ranging ramifications including in our approach to health and hygiene.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Waterware identified a need for high-performing, premium products that could meet a variety of health and safety challenges in the commercial, health, scientific, hospitality and industrial sectors,” says Commercial Space and Healthcare Manager, Rob Scholtens.

“Researchers have long been investigating how plumbing fixtures such as basins and taps could be aiding in the spread of infectious bacteria and superbugs, especially in hospitals and other healthcare environments."

“Australian tapware and sanitaryware provider GENTEC identified several risk infection factors—from biofilm buildup to bacteria around the basin and floor drains that allow bacteria to enter habitable spaces—associated with many standard plumbing setups."

“With a forward-thinking approach combined with innovative design, technology and environmental sustainability, GENTEC provided the answer: commercial plumbing fixtures, manufactured using high-grade stainless steel, that help maintain a healthy and hygienic working environment.”

With its rear-offset waste pipe, the Sterisan range of vitreous china sanitary-ware has been designed to help eliminate cross-contamination through anti-splash technology.

Infection control: minimising the risk at the source

Rob says that simple factors that most wouldn’t even consider can be contributors to bacterial spread; such as the placement of the basin waste in basins. A common basin design includes a centrally placed spout with waste pipe directly beneath. The issue with this design is that when water from the spout hits the basin waste it invariably creates an aerosolising around the wash zone, which then increases the risk of bacteria transmission from the waste pipe via water droplets landing on the basin surface, rendering it unhygienic, or onto the skin or clothes of the person washing their hands, which could potentially affect someone with a compromised immune system. This issue is a common risk and known to infection control managers in hospital environments.

“We’re proud to offer GENTEC products that combat these problems, like basins with rear-offset waste, basin grate seals, smart technology, anti-microbial and lead-free materials. Ensuring all workers wash their hands properly will never be possible, but hygienic plumbing fixtures can certainly diminish the risk of infection and workspace contamination.”

Owner and founder of GENTEC, George Joukhader says his goal with setting the company up was to build an innovative company focussed on building automated control technologies with a goal to providing solutions to prevent risk and deliver whole-of-life cost benefits to the end customer.

“There are a lot of healthcare issues around the design and material choice of many of our standard tapware and sanitaryware products—particularly those being used in high-traffic applications. What I wanted to do was develop solutions to those issues through better design and advanced technology.

“The goal was not to design a product merely to sell a product but rather, to resolve an issue in a manner that was efficient and provided the end-user with a complete turnkey package for better healthcare outcomes. I’m proud to say that within the healthcare, scientific, hospitality, industrial and commercial sectors, there is nothing we can’t produce that is not fit for purpose.”

The entire GENTEC offering has been specifically designed to maintain as hygenic an environment as possible within the healthcare, scientific, hospitality, industrial and commercial sectors.

Waterware and GENTEC: a partnership built on mutual ideals

“Waterware is a company that has a passion for innovation within the plumbing and heating industry and a desire to provide more environmentally friendly and sustainable products and systems designed to add value to customers' projects,” says Rob.

“Over the past 30 years, Waterware’s business success has been built on supplying high-grade products to the New Zealand plumbing industry, together with guaranteeing the performance and quality of those products. This has resulted in Waterware becoming a market leader in the commercial and industrial plumbing sector, acquiring the expertise, experience and technical know-how to provide the support required by the industry."

“GENTEC products are manufactured to the highest standards and represent a major technological breakthrough in combating bacterial spread—an important consideration in today’s climate. As a company, GENTEC’s approach to product research and development is something that we found to be highly commendable and seeking a partnership with them to offer their product range to the New Zealand marketplace was a logical step for us.”

Adds George: “The entire world is changing the way it thinks about prevention and preventative measures across the whole gamut of society and GENTEC is right there meeting those needs. In just nine short years we have been able to disrupt the Australian market and my vision is to accelerate that process in New Zealand by revolutionising the healthcare and commercial spaces.”

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and with a design incorporating minimal crevices, the Cleanline range has been designed to reduce the risk of bacteria build up.

GENTEC: multi-purpose, innovative and hygienic plumbing fixtures

Available exclusively from Waterware, the GENTEC offering includes an extensive range of products for high-risk industries and workplaces; such as health and aged-care facilities, clinics, research facilities, education, public facilities, food preparation, restaurants, manufacturing plants and more.

“All GENTEC products have been designed to AS/NZS standards and feature high-grade stainless steel fixtures—to eliminate the chances of lead contamination—as well as antibacterial surfaces to aid in keeping bacterial growth to a minimum,” says Rob.

Phone 0800 WATERWARE to speak with Rob Scholtens, Commercial Space and Healthcare Manager to find out more about the GENTEC range and how their products could be suitable for your next commercial project.

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