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7 stunning baths to inspire your bathroom design

7 stunning baths to inspire your bathroom design

A bath makes a compelling centrepiece for a bathroom, and can motivate the aesthetic for the entire room.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious, elegant bath for making a bold design statement in a bathroom — it is, after all, the namesake of the room. As such, choosing one is a great way to start designing your bathroom because it can set the design language and tone that the rest of the space will cohere around.

In other words, find a bath you love and use it as inspiration for the rest of the room.

So, with inspiration in mind, here are seven stunning baths for designing the perfect bathroom.

1. Roxburgh Quarrycast Freestanding Bath

The Roxburgh Quarrycast bath embodies classic Victorian style.

A clawfoot bathtub reeks of classical luxury and elegance. Their freestanding, four-legged design is a throwback to Victorian times, where they were the ultimate in opulent bathroom furniture.

The Roxburgh Quarrycast freestanding bath from Robertson Bathware is a beautiful example of this style. It sports lion’s paw feet and is a slipper tub design, which features a raised end that provides a comfortable lounging position. It’s longer than your traditional slipper bath too, meaning more room to stretch out and relax.

2. Leggera Bath

The Leggera bath takes design cues from an unusual source: a folded tissue.

If you don’t have room for a shower and a bath, why not combine them into one? That’s exactly what the Leggera bath offers. It’s a shower-tub that features a large bath with a tall freestanding rain head mounted above it — the perfect pairing for a quick shower and then a deep relaxing soak. 

Practicality is not the Leggera’s only drawcard; its swooping design is extremely eye catching. It was designed by Gilda Borgnini, who crafted the tub to evoke the image of a folded tissue holding water.

Get it from Matisse.

3. Apollo Hammered Copper Bathtub

This hammered copper bathtub has unique rustic charm.

Baths are made from all kinds of materials, but some of the most distinctive are bathtubs made from copper.

The Apollo Hammered Copper bathtub from Hydra Plumbing is a prime example. It’s hand-crafted from high grade 16 gauge copper, which is hand-hammered to give a rustic texture. The benefits of copper go past the aesthetics, with antimicrobial properties making the tub hygienic and easy to clean without chemical help.

With a double slipper design, the Apollo is perfect for laying back and letting the stresses of the day melt away.

4. Opus Freestanding Bath by Claybrook

The Opus freestanding bath is a recycled-marble work of art.

What do the Washington Monument, the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Opus Freestanding Bath have in common? They’re all made of marble.

In the case of the Opus, it’s recycled marble, moulded into the shape of a bath with an integrated shelf. Part of the manufacturing process is three days of manual hand sanding and finishing, which gives the final product a beautifully soft feel.

The black finish gives the bath an impeccably modern look, which would look great in a bathroom designed in line with contemporary fashion.

Find the Opus bath from Claybrook at Plumbline.

5. Evok Rectangular Freestanding Bath

The EVOK Rectangular bath uses strong angles to create an interesting and sharp design.

Hard lines are great for creating contrast and definition. They might not be what you first think of when considering baths, but when done right they create a striking shape that’s hard to ignore.

The Evok bath from Kohler manages to combine a sharp, angular form with an ergonomic and comfortable design. It comes with an Evok bath pillow, which makes slipping into this tub all the more comforting.

6. Oasis Freestanding Bath by Concrete Nation

The Oasis bath from Concrete Nation is hand crafted to industrial-chic perfection.

The foundations of our man-made world are built from concrete, but the material isn’t limited to purely functional roles. It’s tremendously strong but can be made tremendously elegant too.

The Oasis freestanding bath by Concrete Nation is standing proof of this fact. Handcrafted in Burleigh Heads in Queensland, the Oasis bath is a work of art. The polished concrete finish evokes industry and power, but somehow also grace and poise

Plumbline offers the Oasis tub in a variety of colours, from Red Iron and Dusty Pink to Deep Ocean and Green Stone.

7. Bette One Highline Bath

This sleek bath from Bette has an understand elegance that would complement any modern bathroom.

The Bette One Highline bath has an understated and dignified aesthetic. A wide surrounding edge gives the bath some visual heft, but not at the expense of its classy and simple look. A gentle slope at the backend of the bath provides the perfect angle for lying back and drifting away into a warm relaxing heaven.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Bette One Highline bath shows how simple design can often be the most striking.

Find it at Franklin.

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