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A surface solution for every setting

A surface solution for every setting

Recently, Laminex New Zealand released an update to its Laminam collection of full-body porcelain surfaces in a particularly large format that remains very lightweight and thin...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Recently, Laminex New Zealand released an update to its Laminam collection of full-body porcelain surfaces in a particularly large format that remains very lightweight and thin, as well as offering a brand-new colour palette.

Interior designer Mal Corboy was a key speaker at the Laminam 12mm XL collection launch in November 2018, where he discussed the properties of the product and why he enjoys using it. “One of the fantastic advantages with this updated collection is that, thanks to its large format, it is extremely versatile,” he explains. “As part of the launch, I designed a table with the Laminam XL slab in Noir Desir to impart a sleek, contemporary feel that works perfectly with the warm walnut timber.”

The new Laminam XL range, with Noir Desir on the left.

The Laminam XL range opens up a new world of possibilities for design and has been created with the world of indoor and outdoor furniture in mind, while also being suitable for more traditional specification in benchtops, countertops and splashbacks.

“The design potential for the XL range is only limited by the designer’s creativity and there are plenty of out-of-the-box solutions that could be conceived,” suggests Mal. “The collection can be used both inside – in applications as diverse as stair treads or an oval table – or outside, where it would be fantastic as part of a contemporary outdoor kitchen. Sheets can be book matched too, so if you were designing a six-metre-long wall, you could have the pattern flowing continuously through the whole wall.”

For Mal, the extensive new colour range that is now offered in the XL collection is one of the most important aspects of the product. “From darker, moodier tones to a lovely interpretation of gold and grey-veined marble, the XL colour palette perfectly reflects where interior design is headed. We’re not using a lot of high-gloss materials anymore – the focus is on creating a more natural, sophisticated environment with a focus on metallics and tactile materials like stone, timber, concrete and marble.”​​​

Many homeowners today love the look of marble, such as Calacatta and Statuario, however, there can be a lot of hesitation around using the material on benchtops because of the possibilities of staining from things such as red wine, oil or lemon.

With sealers often costing the same to apply as a marble benchtop, the Laminam range creates the marble aesthetic in a much more cost-effective fashion, while being resistant to organic and inorganic solvents.

“One of the things I love about using porcelain for benchtops is that it’s extremely strong, easy to clean and has high resistance to scratching and abrasion,” Mal says. “Additionally, Laminam doesn’t allow the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi so it’s perfectly suited for use in food preparation areas.”

Environmental concerns and a focus on sustainability are at the top of most manufacturers’ minds today, and Laminam is a totally natural product, created with materials such as quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, that don’t release any elements into the environment.

Interior designer Mal Corboy created this table with Laminam XL slabs and walnut timber.

From a designer’s perspective, Mal says that thanks to the fact that the range is so durable and of such high quality, there’s less going to landfill, and a bathroom, kitchen or any design that uses Laminam will last a long time. “I’m very particular about the products I use. They have to have long-standing brands behind them, and I need to know they can truly stand the test of time,” he explains.

In addition to the XL, the other two sizes available in the range are the Laminam 5, which is ideal for flooring, splashbacks and cladding, while the Laminam 3+ is the thinnest slab ever, perfect for low-impact flooring, wall linings and splashbacks. The availability of these three sizes means that there is now a surface solution for nearly every indoor and outdoor setting imaginable.

Visit Laminex New Zealand on ArchiPro to find out more about the new Laminam range.

Mal Corboy speaking at the Laminam XL range launch.
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