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11 amazing bedroom lighting ideas for 2022

11 amazing bedroom lighting ideas for 2022

Most homeowners want their homes to be welcoming and comfortable and lighting design plays a big role in that. While much attention is paid to large communal spaces like the living room and kitchen, bedrooms sometimes get neglected but this is a mistake. These bedroom lighting ideas will show you what's possible and what impact it can have.

Words by Yohei Guy

An easy way to transform a space is to change or add new lighting. Lighting can add layers of depth and texture which can create atmosphere and style almost instantly. There are many fixtures, placements and techniques you can utilise to achieve a variety of captivating lighting effects. 

Bonbon Pendant 380 by HAY from Cult Design

1. Comprehensive overhead lighting

Every room needs a solid foundation, including your bedroom, which should include comprehensive overhead lighting. This allows you to see easily in a relaxed way with just the right amount of brightness that won’t strain your eyes. This is especially important for rooms that lack a lot of natural light.

That kind of solid base allows you to add in all of the extra, more fun lighting options to spruce up your space without worrying if they will provide enough light or not. Can lights (or recessed lights) spread evenly throughout the ceiling are a popular option for doing so.

2. Trendy lamps

The next easiest addition to your room is bedside table lamps or floor lamps. Both of these are inexpensive and don't require any help from an electrician or lighting professional. Simply plug it in and you’re away!

Because of this flexibility, lamps can be fun to experiment with and step outside of your comfort zone with regards to lighting. Or you may simply choose to use it in its natural way as a reading light. Choose from different types of lamp designs, colours and bulbs and see what works for you.

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Gregg Media Glass Floor Lamp from Space Furniture

3. Functional ceiling fans

It used to be when you wanted the functionality of a ceiling fan above your bed, you had to sacrifice style to do it. Luckily, things have changed and that's not the case anymore. You can find a beautiful ceiling fan with lights that fit any design style or room and have the best of both worlds.

4. Beautiful wall lights

Wall lights or wall sconces are a fun way to add some character to your room as well. These smaller lights that are installed directly onto the wall can be placed above a dresser, around a mirror, beside some art or do the job of bedside lighting.

They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit the exact feeling you're trying to create.

Cloche Wall Light by Royal Botania from LightCo

5. Upgraded flush mounts

A typical home is filled with flush mounts, which are lights that sit close to the ceiling and are the main source of light in the space.

These types of lights have often got a bad reputation for being basic and boring. Just like ceiling fans, there has been a surge of upgrades and developments that have changed the game. Bring in a little bit of flair by changing yours out to better fit your style!

6. Task lamps

Bedrooms are often used for more than sleeping and resting. They commonly host gym equipment, reading spaces or a desk for working at. It's a good idea to cater to those additional functions and lighting can help define each of these types of spaces.

Task lighting is the one to use specifically which will help make these spaces function better making the tasks themselves easier as a result.

Moon Table Lamp from Città

7. Downlights and spotlights

When you are done with your basic lighting and ready to add some drama, downlights are the way to go. These are specifically placed can lights that spotlight a targeted area. In bedrooms, they are often placed above the bed to create a calming ambience when laying down.

8. Art display lights

If you want to create a sophisticated, master bedroom, a great way to do that is to incorporate art on the walls.

Art is important and personal so it's crucial to give it the attention it deserves. Adding display lights takes a beautiful painting to the next level. You'll feel like you're in a high-end museum or hotel after these additions.

Birdy Swing Floor Lamp from LightCo

9. Fairy light display

A lot of light additions are geared towards a more serious and mature look. But there are lighting options for the younger styles and rooms as well.

Whimsical fairy lights can be used in a variety of ways to bring interest and dimension to a room. Many love to hang them in rows and attach photos or art to the strings. Others like to hang them above a bed or chair for more mood lighting. They are probably the easiest addition you can make!

10. Interesting pendants

For those looking to really shake up the lighting design in their modern bedrooms, pendant lights are a fun take on ceiling lights. Not only are they much more interesting to look at than, for example, recessed lights, they also effortlessly create atmosphere too.

Adding this new trend to your bedroom will certainly make the whole space feel more intentional and unique.

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Masina Pendant Light by Bert Frank from LightCo

11. LED Accent Lights

Similarly, strip lights create the same kind of mood but in a bigger way. These lights are often hung around the perimeter of the room and can be quite bright.

Some even have the ability to change their colour, brightness, or come on and off in a pattern. It’s like having the festive season in your room, all year round.

The best bedroom lighting ideas for your home

There are so many home projects that take a lot of time, money, and effort to pull off. Adding one or a few of these bedroom lighting ideas are quick and simple ways you can make a big impact. If you’re still unsure about what option is best for you bring in the knowledge and expertise of a design professional who will guide you through the process. Either way, a well-considered and thoughtful lighting plan executed well, can bring your bedroom to another level, so much so you may never want to leave.

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