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Ceramics in colour

Ceramics in colour

Scandinavian design influences have been significant in interior design lately, and while the somewhat stark and minimalist characteristics...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Scandinavian design influences have been significant in interior design lately, and while the somewhat stark and minimalist characteristics of this northern European style have captured the imagination, colour – although often pared back – is also central to this genre.

“In terms of tile trends, 2016 and 2017 saw the introduction of soft rosy blushes, sage greens and deep navy blues, often in hexagonal and subway formats, with a preference for matt finishes,” The Tile Depot’s Nicky Renwick says.

Hexa Green Echo

“Pops of vibrant greens and deep blues were the most popular colours beyond black, white and grey in 2017. These tones evoke a sense of nature and are inherently compatible with stone and wood-inspired porcelain tiles floors.”

Bringing a sense of calm and retreat to residential interiors along with a connection to nature has been at the forefront of design trends over recent years, and so it was a natural direction for the use of green and blue tones to increase.

“However, as we have moved from late 2017 to mid 2018, the on-trend colour palette has become significantly stronger and more diverse,” Nicky says.


Colour choice in tiles has become increasingly bold with an incredible richness and depth of tone. “Similarly, there has been a notable increase in the use of gloss finishes used for wall tile designs, which further enhances the depth of colour and almost glass-like appearance of some of these tiles.”

Whilst cool colours are seemingly still dominating the trends, an increasingly wide range of warmer colours, particularly strong corals and earthy tones, are being specified too.

“No longer is warmth being introduced to spaces just through the use of wooden furniture and copper and brass fittings, now it is also through the wall tiles.”

Hexa Wall Ocean Wave

Floor tiles on the other hand are most popular in neutral tones inspired by natural stone, wood or concrete but are paired with increasingly colourful wall tile designs. “Another notable feature that’s on trend at the moment is the use of a range of shades being used within one tile, as well as the use of textured surfaces. Together, these add layers of interest and play with light within a space.”

The Tile Depot has just released three new colourful wall tile ranges. May, LOL and Quayside. “All three come in a 100x200mm brick format, which is an ideal size for creating bespoke installation patterns. As with the current trends, they are rich in colour, shading and sheen.”

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Hexa Lemon Sorbet & Black S
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