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It's a match: new cohesive hardware and bathroom accessories

It's a match: new cohesive hardware and bathroom accessories

New Zealand design continues to develop its own very personal story in the bathroom as subtle new colour finishes complement the style and form inspired by our unique landscape.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Having just launched in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, the new Heirloom colour collections make it easy for specifiers to match products across all their bathroom product ranges. Heirloom has also introduced new products that are on trend with current form and/or shape styles with finer, softer lines.

Chief Executive Graham Rea explains that these new product releases combine both form and finish for an exciting range of complementary products that cover bathroom accessories, taps, showers and several styles of towel warmer.

Heirloom is a highly-regarded, New Zealand-owned company with 40 years’ experience in bathroom fashion. They have forged a reputation for excellent design and quality.

Although they keep abreast of global trends, they’re Kiwis so they understand the New Zealand market. They combine the best and the latest of overseas design with a local flavour to match our lifestyles, creating a singular, casual but sophisticated, Kiwi style.

White has always been a popular colour for bathrooms but now you can buy accessories such as towel rails and tap fixtures in this on-trend finish.

Heirloom design families

Chief executive Graham Rea explains his company has always put products into design families or categories and that’s something the design community has always appreciated.

“It has meant they can get consistency of form across the range, from round/minimalist to square, linear, traditional and contemporary.”

The development of form, Graham says, can be seen in several design enhancements over recent years.

“There is a move to cleaner lines and products, which integrate into bathroom spaces and provide those design highlights that accentuate the design concept. The round/minimalist and linear styles are especially popular.”

Graham says this has seen increased popularity in products such as single bar towel warmers and vertical pole towel warmers, which are a significant part of the recent product release. Also popular are slimmer, more elegant taps that use a smaller cartridge size, as well as bathroom accessories that exhibit finer lines.

“New Zealand is becoming a very sophisticated market and our architects and designers are very savvy—they know what the international trends are and although they take their cue from Europe, they’ve been increasingly inspired by our unique landscapes—the sea, the hills and the mountains—to develop a strong sense of self.“

For those wanting to add a subtle touch of drama to their bathroom design, accessories in a gunmetal finish are an eye-catching choice.

Outdoor focus

Overseas trends to more muted and metallic colours have been interpreted with a distinctive New Zealand style to them.

“The colour palettes pair well with our architecture and interior design as a reflection of our natural landscapes—the steely blues of the ocean and the soft brown of the hills.”

Graham says that while Heirloom has always been aware of form and style they are especially proud of the latest product release for which colour and finish have also become a key focus.

Black emerged about seven years ago and was immediately popular, adding a striking graphic appeal to monochromatic schemes alongside contrasting metallic options. Though black remains a perennial favourite, Heirloom has responded to the call to keep exploring new options. Hence, they’ve produced a more subtle palette of earthy metallic tones including gunmetal, brushed nickel and brushed brass.

“These have really come into their own,” says Graham, “and we’re seeing a more muted palette that truly captures the tones of the New Zealand landscape.”

Want the glamour of a gloss finish? Make nickel your choice and add an element of style to your period or contemporary home.

New bathroom ranges

Still, one of the difficulties for the design community and homeowners has been finding colour coordinated options across multiple product categories. So this month, Heirloom released two new ranges of accessories—TEKA and AURA—to join its popular PODIUM range. These will be available in a variety of colour finishes that are coordinated with an extended range of towel warmers (ladders, Strata single bar and poles) as well as tap and shower ware. They have even coordinated the smaller functional items like pop-up wastes, toilet flush buttons and so on.

Feedback has been extremely favourable, reports Graham.

“Heirloom has spent a lot of time assessing how customers respond to brushed brass. Accordingly, we’ve developed a more muted and subtle tone. Again, we’ve added complementary brushed brass colours in the towel warmers, taps and showers.”

Beyond the metallics, Graham says white is expected to be the rising star. It’s being rediscovered as a colour in its own right or to blend into the background and let pieces in other colour finishes come to the fore in the overall design.

With the growth of these new colour finishes, the market has clearly reached a new level of excitement. As a bathroom fashion company, Heirloom is poised—finger firmly on the pulse—to deliver inspiring complementary finishes across various product categories.

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