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Complete door kit—an easy lock solution

Complete door kit—an easy lock solution

Taking away the complexity and cost of specifying apartment door locks, a clever new series packages all components in one neat solution.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Front entry doors in multi-residential developments usually require several trades to fit a complex set of locking and closing devices. It takes time for the specifier to design and coordinate the various parts and onsite installation can be a tedious process involving several trades. Not any more though.

The Yale Simplicity Series, from ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in door opening solutions, is a fit-for-purpose solution that reduces the complexity of the full commercial lock. By including both the door furniture closer and lock all in one for a common door type, it is much more efficient than anything that has been available before.

The stylish design and kitted package, backed by a 10-year Yale warranty, is ideal for modern apartment living.

The Yale Simplicity Series includes both the door furniture closer and lock all in one, making it ideal for use in multiunit residential developments.

Simplicity Series: a complete kit

Grant Hendry, Architectural Business Development Manager for ASSA ABLOY in New Zealand, explains that the Simplicity Series helps to streamline the specification process because it is provided as a complete kit rather than multiple separate parts. This saves time for the architect, reduces onsite processing for the installer and lowers overall project costs.

The product consists of a complete hardware package, including an entry kitset with a fire-compliant lock that closes the door; a closer—that’s also fire compliant—and handles and escutcheons (the piece of metal that protects the door handle) to be used with the lock. It is complemented by passage lever sets (for standard internal doors) and privacy lever sets (for bathrooms).

The lock functionality is similar to standard commercial mortice locks such as the Lockwood variants. The entry kits have been tested to a two-hour fire rating. A stainless steel finish offers long lasting durability combined with aesthetic appeal. Three lever styles complement a wide array of interior designs. The series is packaged to be an affordable solution.

The Yale Simplicity Series consists of an entry kitset with fire-compliant lock, closer, handles and escutcheons, as well as passage lever sets for standard internal doors and privacy lever sets for bathrooms.

Simplicity Series: comprehensive research behind each lock

Says Grant: “We spent time investigating the locking solutions that were commonly specified and currently in use. These comprised key locking or latch retraction from the external side.

“When we were in discussion with hardware merchants and installers, it was important to understand what impacted their time preparing and applying the product to the door. It became apparent that the kitting of multiple parts for a common door type consumed time and added complexity to preparing a project prior to dispatch to the site.

“For the installer, by making it easier to install, with better and easier-to-manage packaging and simplifying door-to-frame adjustability meant reduced time at the door and therefore an overall cost reduction. Cost efficiency is key in this market. Having a range of lever styles is preferred and most importantly, having stock on hand.”

By including both the door furniture closer and lock all in one for a common door type, the Yale Simplicity Series is an efficient and cost-effective solution for multiunit developments.

Simplicity Series: available in stock

Although it is imported from overseas suppliers in various countries, from a logistical point of view, the Simplicity Series is a stocked item, giving ASSA ABLOY the agility to meet tight project turnarounds.

Grant adds that early engagement with architects and designers is preferable so the company can simplify the process when it comes to hardware selection.

“This way, when it comes time to specify a project, we can provide an accurate specification of hardware that suits the client’s needs.

“We can offer a complete solution through our great product range. Our wealth of knowledge provides peace of mind for accurate specification and extends to education on correct installation and implementation. With our global presence we strive for best-in-class business processes—leading to well-tested, fit-for-purpose solutions.”

ASSA ABLOY maintains strong relationships with architects and designers to help identify, not only what lever styles and finishes they prefer but any other trends they see in the way occupants use buildings or interact with spaces.

Learn more about how you can save time and costs by specifying the new Yale Simplicity Series for your apartment project.

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