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Customised Air Con Grille Enhances Luxury Kitchen

Customised Air Con Grille Enhances Luxury Kitchen

Renowned for their innovative approach, cabinetmaker DBJ Furniture has excelled in customising a clever integrated air conditioning grille solution for master contractor JD Glover to enhance a stunning kitchen in Auckland’s Mairangi Bay.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Paul Walkinton, General Manager of DBJ Furniture, explains the company often encounters challenging problems for specific areas of the build during projects, which they need to resolve as part of the brief for the client, builder or architect.

Daniel Timmer, head of design and Project Management at DBJ Furniture was tasked with devising a design solution that ensured the aura of the kitchen matched the view opposite.

“Air conditioning is a necessary element in any living space,” he says. “Normally, it would sit behind a bulkhead with vented grilles that create a gap above the cabinetry and below the ceiling in the kitchen.

“But we’re all about providing better, highly customised, functional solutions for high cabinetry, finished with finesse, precision and artful detailing.”

The brief from the owner of this magnificent clifftop home in Mairangi Bay wanted a special kitchen that would have award-winning potential to match the splendid outlook.

“On one side you have the magnificent view out over the water. It’s such a powerful view that if you had simply installed a painted gib bulkhead above the cabinetry, it would have reduced the elegance of the cabinetry”

The other aspect was the three-metre height of the wall where the cabinetry was to be installed, which would normally mean dropping the ceiling in that area.

Dan says, “We’re very good at what we do in terms of producing clear working drawings, engaging with the client and ensuring they understand everything we design. What we came up with was a great solution—worked out in collaboration between us, the builder and the client.”

DBJ Furniture designed an elegant integrated grille in the same black stained oak veneer that forms a seamless wall in the kitchen cabinetry. On a floating wall, it reaches to the ceiling and extends from one side of the room to the other. Because it’s on the same vertical plane as the cabinetry, there is no break to distract the eye.

DBJ Furniture has 25 years of experience behind them and their projects have contributed to multiple award-winning homes. They combine traditional methodology and craftmanship with cutting edge technology to create furniture and joinery that stands out from the crowd. They believe you are only as good as the smallest detail you produce.

“We are known throughout New Zealand for our quality workmanship, long lasting superior finishes and attention to detail. To us, the littlest things hold the biggest value. You’ll see this in our choice of materials, eye for unique finishing and when we opt for a hand-crafted approach to achieve an exceptional appearance,” explains Paul.

DBJ Furniture specialises in high-end residential and commercial work offering full design collaboration and impeccable customer service.

Their talented team of 30 skilled designers, crafters and support staff are passionate and enthusiastic about creating the custom cabinetry of dreams and they get excited about unusual and complex jobs that others shy away from.

Learn how you can find an innovative solution for your cabinetry from DBJ Furniture.

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