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Defining beauty: the luxury of bespoke furnishings

Defining beauty: the luxury of bespoke furnishings

The evolution of furniture and lighting design in New Zealand continues to offer an unparalleled range of bespoke beauty.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The evolution of furniture and lighting design in New Zealand continues to offer an unparalleled range of bespoke beauty. We spoke to Designers’ Collection about the latest from Italy.

In many cases, the perfect piece - whether a hanging pendant or a sofa - is one defined by personalisation; a piece crafted for a specific setting. It is within this context that Parnell-based Designers’ Collection have operated for more than 30 years - offering a design-led service to allow for the ultimate customisation of designer furniture. However, it is three of the newest ranges offered by Designers’ Collection that are defining a new era of interior design in New Zealand.


Imported from Italy, where every piece is handmade from Italian components, the new offerings inject a raw, contemporary, and luxurious aesthetic - each with the ability to shape and personalise every piece to suit bespoke settings. 

Edizioni Design is a Milanese design house and one of the sought after new collections available from Designers’ Collection. “Edizioni’s ethos is naked design: finding beauty is sharp edges and raw parts,” Designers’ Collection Kim Lempriere says. 


“Evocative and full of emotion, Edizioni pieces are primarily crafted with steel, marble, brass and wood, with simple, strikingly beautiful forms. There is a defining elegance evident in every Edizioni piece.”

Similarly, Exteta - an indoor/outdoor luxury range - is now available in Oceania for the first time. Like Edizioni Design, each piece is handcrafted to exacting details. “Exteta takes the concept of indoor luxury outdoors in a way we haven’t seen before.”


“In Exteta’s words, ‘Exteta is not a collection, but a sense of lifestyle that gives continuity to the attention given to the interior, creating a harmony of materials, lines and functionality in an unexplored outdoor environment’”.


In conjunction with the luxury of Edizioni and Exteta, another Italian brand, VeniceM, offers a complementary range of customisable handmade designer furniture and lighting. Infusing Murano glass and metal, VeniceM’s pieces have a unique aesthetic - a blend of innovation and traditional Italian craftsmanship.


“Meticulousness regarding basic forms, design elegance, and attention to finishes outline the contours of the distinct, self-defining language with which artistic director Massimo Tonetto expresses himself.

“These are beautifully crafted pieces, each which can be personalised. VeniceM offers a distinct freshness of form and material, with the use of metal particularly relevant to the New Zealand market.”


It is in the luxury of these ranges where New Zealanders can now define their own language, personalising every piece to craft furnishings individualised for bespoke settings. 


The Designers’ Collection showroom is based in the Foundation Design Precinct building in Parnell, and operates as a place where designers and architects can bring their clients to develop customised luxurious solutions.


Designers’ Collection offers a detailed design service, working closely with architects, designers and their clients to deliver personalised high-end residential furnishings.


Make sure you visit Designers’ Collection on ArchiPro here to peruse the latest in interior design.

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