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Dress (your walls and ceiling) to impress

Dress (your walls and ceiling) to impress

SWISSCLIC panels: the changing face of interior cladding.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Whenever a product, that should be complex to use, is actually the opposite, that simplicity often belies the level of research and development that went into creating it.

Take the plethora of interior wall cladding products for example. Most, if not all, are specialist products that require the sort of in-depth knowledge of installation that only a professional possesses.

“Which is why we were so excited by the SWISSCLIC panel system by SWISS KRONO,” says David Hong, Commercial Project Manager for Parks Flooring.

“The innovative SWISSCLIC system does away with the need for special installation tools or professional-level knowledge, which means keen DIY-ers can install the product themselves. All they need do is click the individual panels together using the accompanying accessories to install contemporary cladding on ceilings, walls and partitions in a short amount of time.”

David adds that full installation instructions are supplied and instructional videos are also available.

SWISSCLIC panels, seen here in the Creative range, have been designed to click together to quick and easy installation on walls and ceilings.

SWISSCLIC: Elegant and Creative

SWISSCLIC panels come in two ranges—Elegant and Creative—and in a choice of 12 colours and wood grains, allowing for a variety of aesthetics to be achieved, says David.

“Some of the designs also feature surface striations, adding further depth and texture to the overall look. In addition, the panels feature a sound-absorbing acoustic backing, making them ideal for use in apartments and multi-unit complexes, as well as in commercial applications such as restaurants and shops.

“Other noise-sensitive environments such as clinics and rest homes could also benefit from installing SWISSCLIC panels and not just for their acoustic qualities. The surface layer of SWISSCLIC panels is a melamine veneer, meaning they are wipe-clean and low maintenance, thanks to the inherent durability of melamine. Also, for this reason, SWISSCLIC comes with a 15-year warranty.”

SWISSCLIC panels are available in 12 colours and wood grains, seen here in Front White in the Elegant range, allowing for a wide range of aesthetic finishes.

Sole New Zealand Distributor

“SWISSCLIC is an innovative product and we believe there’s nothing else like it in the New Zealand market, which is why Parks Flooring is proud to be the exclusive distributor,” says David.

“We encourage interested customers to visit our Auckland-based showroom to learn more about the product, which offers great value for money for a high-end result.”

David also says in-stock items can be shipped anywhere in New Zealand on a three-day turnaround while additional products are available on indent.

Learn more about the SWISSCLIC panel system.

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