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European Composite Bath Delivers Elegance and Practicality

European Composite Bath Delivers Elegance and Practicality

Not all baths are created equal and Newtech’s stunning new Stonecast Mineral Composite range, designed and manufactured in Europe, is definitely a cut above the ordinary.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Elegant pieces in a variety of shapes don’t just look beautiful with their rich, silky smooth, natural stone-like appearance; the manufacturing process that creates the composite that the baths are made from provides a plethora of practical benefits which less expensive acrylic baths cannot match.

Inspired by the beauty and rawness of nature, Stonecast Mineral Composite baths are made from 75% natural dolomite stone minerals and reinforced with premium quality resin.

The natural rock was formed millions of years ago when limestone constituted from calcium and magnesium carbonate was transformed into a snowy white rock under enormous pressures within the earth surface.

Spencer Bath by Newtech Bathroom

“This makes the baths extremely hard and durable which is important when you consider baths are constantly coming into contact with powerful cleaning agents. However, the addition of an anti-bacterial layer on the surface makes the product very easy to clean.

“A major bonus is that this surface is resistant to cosmetics and doesn’t blemish when a product like hair dye, lipstick or nail polish accidentally lands on it.”Newtech’s National Sales Manager, Marcus Wycherley says, “While the stone gives it the structure and durability, combining it with a special resin creates finesse and allows the baths to be moulded into myriad shape possibilities.”

Seven different designs are available in gloss and matte finishes, from classic egg shapes to contemporary ovals, ovals with curved edges and profiles, freestanding designs to handsome slipper baths. All are on display in Newtech’s Auckland showroom.

At the end of the manufacturing process, a resin is applied to the external surface of the baths which is the same coating used to protect yacht holds and places exposed to elements of wind and water.

Harper Basin by Newtech Bathrooms

For users, it’s also good to know that it’s easily repairable. In the unlikely event that something traumatic happens to cause minor chips or defects, these can simply be removed by the home owner who can use a repair kit that Newtech makes available.

Unlike some baths, the composite maintains a constant water temperature as it doesn’t suck the heat from the water. The surface of the bath always stays pleasant to touch and never feels cold.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing a bath, the two elements of stone and resin make the shape very stable, so it doesn’t bow under the weight of the water within it, states Marcus.

Because the product places such emphasis on quality and durability, Newtech is pleased to be able to offer a 10 year guarantee on all Stonecast Mineral Composite baths.

Washington Bath by Newtech Bathrooms

All of these benefits ensure the baths are a vastly superior top end product. 

“The Kiwi designer market will be pleased to see that these are only priced at about twice the cost of an acrylic bath”

Marcus adds that Newtech has a fantastic range of baths and basins at affordable pricing in stock.

“We are well-known for our quick delivery, high stock levels and great service.

“In the Stonecast range, 20 colours can be sourced on request. Although we don’t have the full colour range in the showroom. Some of these must be shipped from Europe so they do require longer lead times.”

To find out more about Stonecast Composite Mineral baths, enquire through Newtech's customer service team. 

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