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Functionality that’s built in

Functionality that’s built in

Next generation openers offer higher specs within a smaller footprint

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Those of us who lived through the ‘80s will remember a glorious era when everything got bigger and bigger—shoulder pads, hair, electronics (think boomboxes)! And then came the crash and suddenly there was a new term: micro.

Four decades later and it seems we’ve reached an equilibrium, with technology allowing some things to get bigger—glazing—and others to get smaller—computers and other electronic devices.

Architecturally, there’s been a move to clean, minimalist lines incorporating broad openings requiring large-pane glazing and wide-span garage doors for a seamless aesthetic.

Thankfully, companies such as Dominator have been putting in the hard yards to ensure these requirements are ably met, says National Marketing Manager, Paul McKenzie.

“We are continuously working on new products innovation to better match customer needs. Our three latest Next-Gen garage door openers have been in development and testing since mid-2019, with a focus on achieving faster, smoother operation, particularly with oversized doors.

“Dominator Select, Secure and Smart are the culmination of a complete ground-up rebuild of our product offering for overhead sectional doors and have been manufactured to fulfil a wide range of consumer demands.”

With three models in the Next Gen garage door openers range, there’s a Dominator opener to suit your needs.

‘Cause we are living in a technical world

“Connectivity is a large part of our modern lifestyle, so of course Select, Secure and Smart come with either built-in or optional smartphone control giving you ultimate control for entry into your home—particularly good for older children who may misplace a remote but will always have their phone handy.

“Similarly, these products are smart hub compatible so can be used with Google Home, Alexa or other Amazon Echo products.”

Paul says smartphone capability also extends to sharing time-stamp codes with other parties allowing for controlled, temporary access, perfect if you have a gardening service who require only intermittent access and who, therefore, don’t require a remote transmitter.

You can also disable individual remote transmitters or smartphones and even the openers themselves for added peace of mind and security when you are away for extended periods of time.

With the Dominator app, you can see in an instant whether your garage door is secure or choose to open or close it as much as you like.

Can’t touch this: built-in security features

As well as being able to lock down your garage door opener when on holiday, Dominator openers feature Safe Lock, an anti-tampering system—supplied as standard with every opener—that locks the garage door if an external force is applied to try and lift it. Plus, with wifi-enabled openers you will receive an alert through the Dominator app if a security breach is attempted.

“We also employ high-level 128 bit encryption similar to what is used by banks in the form of Tri-Tran™128 multi-frequency coding used in our remote transmitters. Tri-Tran 128 provides enhanced reliability and security by transmitting simultaneously across three frequencies to overcome any potential interference issues from other wireless devices.”

Dominator National Marketing Manager, Paul McKenzie (above)

Let’s hear it for the… opener: punching above its weight

“Select, Secure and Smart have been developed with a number of consumer needs in mind including being more powerful for larger and heavier doors—accommodating widths of up to 6.6m or total area up to 18m2 and weights up to 235kgs. 

“They also feature a new belt rail system that allows for quieter operation, particularly relevant in situations where the garage shares a common wall with a bedroom,” Paul says. 

Operational speed was also something the company looked at with this latest iteration of openers, achieving an opening speed of up to 180mm per second. This equates to a standard sectional door opening in less than 14 seconds.

“Our record has shown that these new models are currently the fastest in the New Zealand market.

“Crucially, we have also been able to achieve all of this in a smaller footprint with these models featuring slim line designs. Our Secure and Smart openers offer a seven-year warranty and extending to a market leading ten-year warranty when purchased in conjunction with a Dominator garage door.”

Learn more about next generation garage door openers.

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