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Furniture that moves with you

Furniture that moves with you

Style and practicality are two boxes to tick when purchasing furniture, but often it’s comfort that makes us fall in love with a product – and Bullfrog Design offers all of this and more.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Exclusive to New Zealand through Sarsfield Brooke, this German furniture brand is all about crafting quality designs that focus on functionality.

“Relaxing in a piece of Bullfrog furniture truly makes you smile,” says Donna Higginson, director at Sarsfield Brooke. “It's not only flexible in movement, but it hugs your body.”

Fun and playful, this freedom also equals practicality.

People are really quite surprised by the furniture’s flexibility.
This modular furniture has adjustable arm and back elements to suit your needs.

Flexible designs for modern living

“Clients are really quite surprised by the furniture’s flexibility. It all has movement so that we’re not sitting in a structured position all of the time.”

Some of the designs by Bullfrog Design allow you to sit, relax or sleep – all in optimal form. The modular Zaza range for example, has adjustable arm and back elements that recline to a sleeping position. Others such as the Baboo Armchair fully recline via a "whisper quiet" mechanism and only required occasional recharging, while the Donna Armchair boasts a swivel and rocking mechanism.

“As a company, Bullfrog Design approaches everything with an organic and sustainable perspective. They don’t overcure their leathers so on touch the leather feels very natural, soft and supple.”

The Bullfrog Design range can be customised with your choice of fabric.
When I say this furniture makes you smile, it really does.
The fully reclining Baboo armchair is proving to be a popular model.

Something to suit everyone

With a selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, and a variety of upholstery choices, this adaptable furniture is proving to be popular in the New Zealand market.

“We’ve been representing Bullfrog for almost four years, and we’re finding that people who bought initially are coming back and buying again for additional rooms or additional houses,” says Donna. “People are finding that it can be incorporated with the furniture they’ve already got, so they’re not having to replace everything – the range of options means a new swivel chair can work happily with their existing furniture.

“Having a sofa that you can reposition the direction of the back cushion to face the lounge, or totally in the opposite direction in seconds, is a game-changer. It certainly appeals to our clients to focus on furniture that is fun, youthful, and encourages relaxation and interaction with others.

“When I say this furniture makes you smile, it really does.”

Explore the Bullfrog Design range available exclusively in New Zealand from Sarsfield Brooke.

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