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Inspiration and comfort: the makings of a great interior

Inspiration and comfort: the makings of a great interior

According to award winning interior designer and furniture maker Ben Lewis of Trenzseater, a great interior is comprised of two things...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

According to award-winning interior designer and furniture maker Ben Lewis of Trenzseater, a great interior is comprised of two things: inspiration and comfort. How those manifest themselves makes all the difference between a run-of-the-mill interior and one that allows its occupants to relish in beauty and style.

“An interior that offers inspiration and comfort is one that could be interesting, it could be tactile, it could be glamorous, but what it will be is a space that the occupants will never become bored with, and one that has an emotional connection for them,” Ben says. “A great interior will give its occupants a sense of relief in the feeling of connection they have with it – in the knowledge that the space is unique and tailored to them.”

Interiors by Trenzseater proffer a unique style; they are generally recognisable as Trenzseater’s at first glance. “Often, our interior designs incorporate a lot of different layers and textures, but at the same time they are not precious, and are comfortable to live in.”

For the last two years running, Ben’s work has been shortlisted for the prestigious International Design and Architecture Awards, which celebrate excellence in the industry on a global scale; an awards programme that is recognised as the benchmark in global design.

The project for which Ben received the global accolade in 2017 was derived from a brief requiring a concept that was new and exciting, Ben says. “The client wanted something that had not been seen before, and something that was not expected.... They wanted to bring intriguing layers of texture and design to all elements of the interior whilst creating a space that was useable.”

What transpired was what can only be described as inspiring. Throughout the home, layers of intriguing textures and materials are combined with sophisticated finishes and detailing in a very much personalised design to suit the client.

“To achieve this, we featured the use of natural stone throughout, in flooring, bathrooms and kitchen, with brushed brass tapware and door hardware alongside it. Oak parquet flooring and the use of dark chocolate American oak timbers in the joinery, doors and furniture added another element.”

Walls feature various seagrass wallpapers with metallic backgrounds combined with velvet and glass beading wall coverings. Wools, antiquated leather, high gloss tables as well as European rugs, mirrors and accessories sit beneath exquisite chandeliers.

“With all our projects we ensure we have a sophisticated balance of layers to create interest, detail and timeless elegance,” Ben says.

“We believe it’s the details which offer refinement, personality, balance, character and luxury. Trenzseater is privileged and humbled to have received this international recognition for its expertise in interior design. This accolade reinforces our unparalleled enthusiasm and passion for interior design and demonstrates our commitment to creating the very best.”

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