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JG Aura wireless: home heating just got smarter

JG Aura wireless: home heating just got smarter

Wirelessly control up to eight heating zones in your home.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

It is widely known that the ancient Romans utilised underfloor heating, in the form of hypocaust systems—an elevated platform under the main floor through which hot air and smoke from a furnace circulated, thus heating the room above—however, archeological evidence would suggest that other forms of underfloor heating date back even further, to 5000BC.

While the steam-based radiant heating systems we know nowadays were in use in the 1700s, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that they found widespread usage. Since then, the technology has tended to centre around the physical properties of the system, until, that is, the advent of smart technologies.

“The JG Aura wireless solution has been designed to be used in conjunction with John Guest’s underfloor heating system,” says Norm Hiebendaal, Sales and Marketing Manager of John Guest Underfloor Heating.

“Home automation is gaining momentum and the call for innovative solutions is growing. JG Aura is a response to that call and allows homeowners to wirelessly control multiple heating sources throughout the home.

“Up to eight heating zones with different heating sources can be controlled individually from one controller—such as underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators upstairs—allowing homeowners to choose which rooms to heat and when, as well as to what temperature, giving an unprecedented level of control over home heating costs.”

The JG Aura app is compatible with most operating systems and enables plug-and-play control of the JG Aura wireless underfloor heating system.

JG Aura system components and requirements

“As an entirely wireless system, JG Aura has been designed for ease of installation in new builds and for retrofitted applications. Having the option to choose battery-operated thermostats makes installation even easier and the entire system can be installed in as quickly as a day for most new build scenarios,” says Norm.

“Systems and components are available ex-stock directly through John Guest so turnaround times are greatly reduced. In addition, the JG Aura app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, making accessibility a breeze.”

As for the system itself, it comprises: wireless TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves); 8-zone wiring centre which controls up to eight, individually programmable thermostats and a hot water timer; plug-and-play internet interface for app control; a boiler receiver, and battery- or mains-operated thermostats.

“Simplicity of design and simplicity of use are the hallmarks of the JG Aura system, yet what it offers homeowners in terms of efficiency and heating costs savings is indicative of a much more comprehensive home automation system.”

Learn more about the JG Aura wireless underfloor heating solution.

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