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Life is lived in the details

Life is lived in the details

Bring a touch of luxury into your home.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Interior designers all over the world know that the secret of great design lies in injecting luxury into every scheme. Whether you have the budget to go ‘all out’ or for just one or two pieces doesn’t matter. What does matter is the impact those pieces will have on your sense of wellbeing.

While the term luxury may conjure different things in the minds of different people, there is a universal truth and that is; luxury is bespoke and it is handmade.

This is a truth that CEO Irina Rais subscribes to at her DeLux Interiors showroom in Auckland, which is the exclusive representative in New Zealand of one of the leading European manufacturers of luxury furniture; By Kepi.

“Moving to New Zealand in 2014, I struggled to find the level of quality that I had become accustomed to securing for my clients in Europe and so my focus became how do I secure that level of quality for my clients here and for other interior designers. DeLux Interiors is the result of that journey. 

“By Kepi is a household name in the high-quality market in Europe and I am proud to be able to represent the brand in New Zealand. There are a lot of products that purport to have been made in Europe but are, in fact, not from there at all, so it is important to me that I can ensure our customers that when we say our products are made in Europe, they truly are.”

The sleek, Stone Dining Table from DeLux Interiors makes a beautiful centrepiece that is sure to make an impression.

Realising your interior design dreams

Irina has more than 20 years’ experience in the furniture design industry and brings that expertise to each project. She and the DeLux Interiors team work with clients to establish which style is best suited to their personality, drawing up a layout plan and creating 3D visualisations.

“When you collaborate with DeLux Interiors, you enjoy access to a broad range of styles and themes to suit every interior project—from classical to modern and even Art Deco concepts. DeLux Interiors focuses on high-quality elegance and comfort to ensure your project is infused with the best European-made luxury furniture money can buy.

“All of our furniture pieces are handmade to perfection using a bespoke combination of solid timbers, natural marbles and exclusive Italian fabrics and metals. Each piece is totally customised to reflect your personal vision and project needs.

Once clients have made their choices including all customisations, Irina says that information is forwarded to By Kepi for production at their manufacturing facility in Turkey. Once production begins, clients can expect a 10–12 week period before delivery and installation of the selected pieces in their home, which is when, Irina says, she gets the greatest satisfaction.

“We personally oversee the installation of our pieces in the client’s home and inevitably I experience as much joy and pride from seeing the finished product in situ as they do. I can honestly say the DeLux Interiors team is passionate about bringing great design to New Zealand. We do what we love and love what we do, which is why we do it well—whether that’s working directly with homeowners or as a supplier to other designers on their own residential or commercial projects.”

Whether you’re looking for a modern console table such as Frame, or a beautifully carved classic example, DeLux Interiors offers a vast range of options.

The designers’ designer showroom

That collaboration extends to offering exclusive access to the showroom for designers and their clients, including complimentary parking, says Irina.

“Designers can book the showroom directly through the website to secure a private viewing. Whether their project is for a residential, retail or commercial client, the team here at DeLux Interiors is available to be as hands-on as required during this process.

“With extensive experience in delivering a range of commercial projects including retail, offices, hotels and hospitality, the DeLux Interiors team can be an invaluable resource for other designers.”

Learn more about incorporating bespoke European-made furniture into your next interior design project.

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