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Luxurious bespoke storage

Luxurious bespoke storage

For Innovative Interiors, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution to storage. Every customer is unique with different requirements.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Innovative Interiors owners, Marie and Neil Robinson, alongside their team of designers and cabinetmakers, provide a bespoke service creating high-end custom wardrobes.

Many of their clients are like Kate and Mike, who came to Innovative Interiors having recently completed a new home and who, rather than opt for the standard wardrobe installation, wanted a fit out specifically suited to their needs.

“It’s a common scenario,” explains Marie. “Kate had been made aware of Innovative Interiors' bespoke solutions. They were keen to have us design a more luxurious dressing room designed just for them. After an initial phone call to chat, Neil visited Kate and Mike for an in-home consultation to understand their space and the individual needs and challenges they had.

Create the perfect custom wardrobe for your needs with a mix of tall, short and medium hanging spaces, drawers and open shelving for total convenience.

Highly detailed brief

“The key thing that makes us stand out is the way we strive to truly understand what the client wants and needs. We discuss in detail what they want to hide away and which items they want to put on display. We find out about their lifestyle and any of the challenges that might provide; whether they have growing children that we need to consider for the storage to truly stand the test of time.”

The upside of not going for the standard wardrobe installation during their build was having a blank canvas so Innovative Interiors could completely transform Kate and Mike’s space.

“We designed shoe shelves and dedicated trouser racks amongst other solutions. During our in-home consultation, Kate made a comment that Mike would be happy not to see all of her beauty products in their limited bathroom space, so we created a comprehensive beauty station with a mirror inside the walk-in wardrobe, which included cupboards with glass shelves and doors.”

Custom-designed units included a jewellery tray and drawers, a belt drawer, scarf rails and long, short and medium hanging spaces for clothing items of different lengths.

Made from Melteca, the cabinetry was detailed with integrated strip lighting, which automatically switches on when anybody walks into the wardrobe, highlighting the clothes and other objects, making it easier to find items.

Need a space with more hanging room and less drawers? A custom wardrobe solution can accommodate all your requirements.

Storage maximises space

Marie says with space at a premium in our homes, more people are like Kate and Mike. “They understand the value of utilising space to its best potential and finding the perfect solution for their individual needs. Clients want to create a piece of furniture that works especially for them.”

She explains that Innovative Interiors has over 30 years of experience in creating interior fitouts. Each project is a bespoke offering where they provide clear visuals so the client understands exactly what they will receive. They cover storage solutions from the bedroom to the laundry and pride themselves on, not just the quality of their workmanship, but also the fact they’re a one-stop-shop offering a complete service, from design to manufacture and installation.

“We manufacture here in Auckland and we have installers in Auckland, Northland and Taranaki.”

The service has been refined over the years so it is as streamlined as possible.

A place for everything and everything in it's place including coats, jackets, shirts, trousers, sweaters and shoes.

Happy customers

And the end result for Kate and Mike?

“I couldn't be happier with our new walk-in wardrobe, says Kate. “Every step of the process exceeded our expectations, from the first phone call, to the quality of the products we were offered, the speed of the install and the delight at the end result.

“Every morning we have smiles on our faces as we get dressed in our new space and I can’t recommend Innovative Interiors highly enough.”

Visit the website to learn more about how Innovative Interiors can create your dream storage space.

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