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Made-to-measure: bespoke basins and vanities

Made-to-measure: bespoke basins and vanities

Customised bathroomware is a popular option when aiming to create unique, personalised spaces...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Customised bathroomware is a popular option when aiming to create unique, personalised spaces and in terms of basins and vanity units, clients can essentially design their own to suit any design or sizing requirements. We spoke to Plumbline about the beauty of bespoke bathrooms.

Bathrooms provide a realm of creativity in design, with a variety of textures, materials and surfaces to work with. However, the bathroom can also be an area of the home where space is at a premium and the best solution may not be a one-size-fits-all approach. That's where customisation comes in, and it's something Plumbline has been offering New Zealand clients with their made-to-measure basin and vanity service. 


“This is where we offer customers and designers the ability to craft a basin to their specific requirements, with basins able to be wall or cabinet mounted and custom made to the length, depth and height required with a choice of over 20 basin insert options moulded into them,” Plumbline’s Suzanne Roff says. 


“The made-to-measure service is perfect for predefined bathroom spaces such as alcoves, and commercial projects where a longer-length basin may be required, potentially with multiple bowl inserts.” 

The made-to-measure basins are crafted from a hard-wearing solid surface material that is 100 per cent waterproof, Suzanne says. “The intrinsic material makes it very easy to clean with stains and marks removed without a trace. It can also be very easily repaired due to the practical matt-white finish. It’s lighter than stone so it is easy to transport and install, and requires minimal fixings and reinforcement compared to solid stone.”


The material itself is a non-toxic composite product made from 70 per cent aluminium trihydrate and natural mineral powders derived from bauxite. “It is silica-free and crafted with normal wood-working tools so it is harmless to both the environment and fabricators and installers.”


“The natural material is combined with polymer/polyester resins, pigments, hardeners and catalysts, using eco-friendly production methods.”

The Plumbline made-to-measure service extends to vanities to allow for seamless bathroom design solutions. Cabinetry options for vanities include oak veneer, solid timber, marine-grade plywood and melamine, with a large range of custom paint colours, handles and knobs. 


Plumbline offers a complete design service for its made-to-measure offering, and has an extensive catalogue for inspiration to use as a starting point for customisation ideas. Once measurements and specifications are received and quotes are approved, manufacturing takes between eight and 12 weeks. 


If you’re considering renovating a bathroom or are about to embark on a new build, make sure you visit Plumbline on ArchiPro here to find out how a bespoke bathroom could make all the difference to your project. 

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