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Modern bathroom ideas for 2022 and beyond

Modern bathroom ideas for 2022 and beyond

The bathroom is the one room in the house you always want to keep fresh. It’s where you get prepared for the day ahead and wash up when the day is done. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is a great way to do this and these modern bathroom ideas represent some of the most popular in Australia today.

Words by Yohei Guy

Bathrooms should be a haven in the home as a space you can relax, disconnect from the outside world and wash your worries away. A tired and dated bathroom isn't really conducive to a calming environment so if the opportunity exists, it's always good to do things to freshen it up. The great news is that many of the modern bathroom ideas that are popular today are ones that have timeless qualities and credentials. This means you can feel assured that they are long term solutions that will stand the test of time.

Oasis by Bayside Built showcases modern bathroom styling at its best

Maximise natural light

One of the most popular trends in modern bathrooms right now maximising the use of natural light. Studies have shown that sunlight boosts our mood, and natural light can help a space to feel bigger. Many of us are also looking for ways to bring the outdoors in as we look to incorporate natural elements in our modern world.

Of course, it can be somewhat tricky to get lots of natural light into a bathroom without compromising privacy. Many people are installing skylights, which can also create a spa-like feel in the bathroom. Others put large, frosted windows in or even install daylight LEDs, which give the impression of natural light.

A skylight brings natural light in abundance in this house renovation in Mosman by Northern Beaches Kitchens & Bathrooms

Dazzle with glass walls and screens

Having worked hard to bring that gorgeous natural light into your bathroom, you hardly want to stop it with walls and screens. These barriers can also make tight spaces feel even smaller, especially around showers and toilets. Instead, many modern Australians are installing glass walls and shower screens in their bathrooms.

Glass walls can also help to bring a more spa-like feel to your bathroom and keep your spaces open. When maintained, they can add a bit of sparkle that makes your bathroom feel newer without making major changes. If you do decide to install a glass wall, be sure to use tempered glass, as it will prevent dangerous breaks.

The other option is to install a walk in shower without a door for an open plan feel, especially popular in master bathroom interior design. This immediately elevates a bathroom as a true hallmark of a luxury bathroom.

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Glass shower screens feature at a first floor addition at Dee Why - Photography: Lachlan Carey

The timeless look of a white bathroom

In addition to bringing in plenty of natural light, many people are opting to redo their bathrooms in white. For one, white paint can make spaces feel bigger and cleaner, something many of us are looking to emphasise in a bathroom. It also gives homeowners a chance to customise their look easily by swapping out accent pieces and wall décor, the idea being most things compliment white surroundings.

If you plan to paint your bathroom white, it’s important to make sure you choose the right shade. Painting a room pure white can be a little risky as it can make a space feel overwhelming and sterile. Instead, select a few shades of white on your wall and look at them during different times of day and in different weather to decide which one will work best in your space.

The timeless white bathroom at Eaglemont Residence - Photography: Alex Reinders

Have fun with a feature wall

Although white bathrooms are in, that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Many homeowners are adding feature walls that serve as fun pops of character in the room. These walls can be as simple as adding a different colour of paint or as elaborate as creating custom designs using feature tiles.

If you want something simple, clean, and easy to rework, pick an accent colour you love and paint your feature wall in that shade. You can even use painter’s tape to create fun geometric patterns to add a little more pizazz. Or find a patterned or natural stone feature tile you love and use this to create a pattern on your feature wall.

A feature wall of smokey grey glazed subway tiles in Bondi - Photography: George Gittany

A floating vanity is always the right choice

There are few features you can add to your bathroom that are more eye-catching than a floating vanity. These fixtures are staples of modern bathroom design and their wall mount design leaves you with an open space underneath. All the plumbing is concealed into the wall behind, leaving you with a clean and tidy area around your basin.

A floating vanity can help even small bathrooms feel larger with a real and visual impression of more floor space. However, it is important to take a look at how your current plumbing runs before you install these fixtures. If your plumbing runs through the floor, you’ll need to reroute some lines before you can install your floating vanity.

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Bondi Wall Hung Vanity from Slabs By Design

Relax in a freestanding bathtub

At the end of a long, hard day, there’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a warm bath and there’s no better type of bath to do that in than a freestanding tub. Once seen as an exclusive feature, there is now a wide range of options with an almost endless choice of styles.

Fans of the classic clawfoot tub will be pleased to know they are coming back in style following this trend. If you don’t want to shell out for a new one, look for a vintage tub at a salvage yard and refinish it. If you prefer a more modern look, you’ll have no trouble with a bevvy of tubs with clean lines, polished finishes and interesting fixtures to choose from.

The unique and stylish B070 Large Hugi Soak Tub from Stonebaths

Modern bathroom ideas for your home

Your bathroom is where you start and end each day and it should be a haven in your home. A skylight, a coat of white paint, a floating vanity, a freestanding bathtub - these are just some of the modern bathroom ideas that are being used across Australia and ones that you can trust to have an impact in a positive way.

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