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Redefining Shower Design

Redefining Shower Design

The way we shower is changing and rendering the traditional shower format irrelevant to the modern lifestyle.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The way we shower is changing and rendering the traditional shower format irrelevant to the modern lifestyle. We spoke to Englefield about the next generation of shower design.

Valencia Elite Round Shower

From multi-generational use to teenagers with copious amounts of shower products, the way we use the home shower is changing. Families with younger children no longer utilise two bathrooms simultaneously - rather, the ensuite is often used by parents to bathe their young children, offering the time-saving ease of cleaning just one bathroom rather than two. Time is of the essence for many homeowners and its this point that has contributed most significantly to the changing face of bathrooms, Kohler’s Dee Hunter says. “People are time poor and that means a number of things, including teenagers' bathrooms that are often used by guests needing to be as presentable as possible." 

In response to the changing needs of New Zealanders in terms of shower use, Kohler embarked on a significant research project three years ago to ascertain the preferred utility of a modern shower. The result is the new Valencia Elite range - a collection designed for quick cleaning, easy, clean-lined storage and longevity. 

“The first part of the newly developed range was the way the acrylic wall works and looks. The changes are subtle but they’re key to efficient contemporary use,” Dee says.  “Clearly there was nothing on the market that reflected the modern use of showering so we reinvented the moulded wall to address all of the features that were commonly requested in our research.

 “It means males are likely to use the shower to shave rather than shaving at a vanity; it means women are needing a quick way to shave their legs in the shower. It means storage is key - especially in family situations where older children are bringing more and more products into the shower.

“And it means higher storage shelves are needed for parents who may want to store products or shaving equipment out of reach of younger children.”

 “One of the main points that came across in our research was teenagers and their use of multiple products in the shower and parents found the solutions on the market sadly lacking. It was also found that these products were commonly being sold in taller bottles, which were not compatible with traditional shower  shelving design. This meant the latest iteration of our shelving in the shower wall was redesigned to deliver larger spaces between shelves. Simultaneously, we incorporated discreet hooks for hanging products and flannels reducing clutter.

 “With time of the essence in showering routines, a new shaving shelf was incorporated - designed for women to use to perch legs on to shave. For men, this meant the addition of a  drop down mirror hidden in a movable shelf that simply folds back up when not in use.

“The Valencia Elite range also includes the addition of much higher storage shelves, designed for those products and items that need to be kept away from younger children.”

 The other ethos of the design changes centres around ease of cleaning, with all glass pre-treated to avoid the build up of spots and stains on shower doors. All shelves are also designed to be removed easily and are dishwasher safe. 

Matt black is another defining feature of the Valencia Elite range. “With everything from the taps and slider to the waste, shelving and door frames available in the same matte black finish, this is a step above just the tapware and slider that are available in other ranges in matte black. Being able to bring in the shelves, waste and door frames in the same black finish enables customers to truly finish the look they want in the bathroom.

 Valencia Elite is available in a range of four different finishes, matte black, white, silver and brushed silver, with a large range of sizes and configurations available. “It is New Zealand’s most diverse and generous range of shower finishes, shapes and sizes,” Dee says.

 The full Valencia Elite range will be available from 1 October 2019. Visit Englefield on ArchiPro here to find out more about the latest in contemporary shower design.

Valencia Elite Shower Storage
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