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Secrets of the past bring lessons for today

Secrets of the past bring lessons for today

Achieving perfect wellness in the bathroom.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

There is a deep-rooted connection between the spaces we inhabit and our personal wellbeing; that is, the effect of those spaces on our minds and emotions. Our ancient ancestors were only too aware of this connection but it was a knowledge at risk of being lost to us in the western world in our bid for commercial success over personal growth.

The recent trend towards a greater recognition of—and focus on—health and wellness and achieving a work-life balance is once again influencing how we live, work and play. An area where this is having a profound impact is bathroom design, says Andrea Barzotto, marketing and product manager for Metrix.

“One of the fast-growing areas of wellness design, globally, is home spas—where hammams (steam rooms), saunas, showers and baths are designed to adapt to the demands of a fast moving, increasingly polluted world in which people are seeking to reduce stress levels, oxygenate the mind and regenerate the spirit.

“The health benefits of hammams and sauna rooms—from clearing the mind to detoxifying the body—have been known for hundreds of years. But it’s the aesthetics and the design of these spaces that can also relax and rejuvenate the mind and refresh the soul and create within the home in a truly luxurious space.”

The Mid Sauna and Hammam Steam Shower System from Effe is a complete system offering the best of both worlds in one space-saving design.

Dry heat vs high humidity: choosing the best option for your healthfulness

For centuries, water has been connected with purifying, cleansing and healing the body, both inside and out. Surely then, for our continued wellbeing we need look no further than this essential life element?

“Saunas and hammams have similar beneficial effects but their origins and the way they are used are different. The secret of using water in the form of a cloud of steam enveloping the body, was discovered by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Middle Eastern peoples who made the hamman, or Turkish bath, a philosophy of life.

“Typically, the humidity level is kept at 100 per cent, while the temperature never exceeds 48⁰C. Participants are seated on marble or natural stone and the warm steam is inhaled to help decongestion, detoxification and to induce the ultimate state of relaxation.

“In contrast, from its Scandinavian beginnings, the Finnish sauna uses heat up to 100⁰C with a low humidity level of around 20–30 per cent. Saunas are made from aromatic timbers, which when warmed, exude the ‘perfume of nature’ promoting inner calm and freeing the mind of stress, encouraging relaxation and stimulation.”

The Yoku Finnish sauna features integrated heater for a clean-lined look and comes in heat-treated aspen, heat-treated solid wood and Canaletto walnut.

Stimulating the senses

“Where our modern-day saunas and hammams have an advantage over their traditional counterparts is in their ability to stimulate more of our senses,” says Andrea.

“Temperature and fragrance have always been key components of the sauna or hammam experience but wellness architects have also recognised the roles that light and sound play in balancing our emotional state and many manufacturers now incorporate both of these elements into their offerings.

“Manufacturers such as Italy’s Effe, whose latest range is an evolutionary interpretation of wellbeing for the commercial or residential bathroom. Using state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly designs, Effe expresses a different kind of lifestyle in saunas and hammams, offering the ultimate place of indulgence to relax, revitalise and rejuvenate the body and mind.

“The Effe range of saunas and hammams have been designed by internationally renowned designers including Rodolfo Dordoni and Giovanna Talocci. Their designs demonstrate excellence, combining eco-friendly materials that are sustainably sourced with hi-tech components to create solutions suitable for home or business.”

Learn more about modern sauna and hammam options for your bathroom project.

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