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Step into the extraordinary

Step into the extraordinary

Form and function: elevating accessibility beyond the utilitarian.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The phrase ‘aging in place’ is gaining a lot of traction in construction circles, especially as newer technologies are coming on stream that can ensure our homes are futureproofed to enable us to stay in them longer.

But it’s not only digital technologies that are playing a role in keeping us in our homes. Accessible products, particularly for the bathroom, are also making broad improvements, especially in terms of their aesthetics—proving that form is just as important as function.

One such product is the accessible shower from Atlantis.

“Atlantis has been designing and manufacturing bathroom solutions for 20 years now,” says General Manager Lewis Warner. “We were approached by a major architectural firm to come up with an accessible shower system that could be used in multi-storey applications with minimal risk of leaking.”

The Atlantis accessible shower comprises a fibreglass tray that can be recessed into the floor to sit on the timber joists or concrete pad to create a seamless surface flush with the flooring material.

Atlantis: custom bathroom solutions for the architectural community

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as: the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level.

“Affording people the opportunity to stay in their homes as they age, as a truly viable option, is quite a powerful experience and the Atlantis 1200 x 1200 Accessible Shower is one tool in allowing that to happen,” says Lewis.

“With the architect’s brief in place, we looked at various options for a shower tray that would provide the necessary robustness while allowing for multiple installation and finishing options.

“What we came up with was a fibreglass tray that can be recessed into the floor to sit on the timber joists or concrete pad to create a seamless surface flush with the flooring.”

The tray has been designed to be integrated with the full range of contemporary shower enclosures, or, it can be left open to create a wet area solution.

Atlantis: making accessible aspirational

While conceived for a specific project, Lewis says it became apparent early on that the shower tray would have widespread appeal and not just for the accessible market.

“Interior design has been becoming increasingly sleek of late with many schemes featuring pared back designs that eschew unnecessary affectations. Our accessibility shower allows designers to bring that level of seamlessness into the bathroom by teaming it with any of our high-end hardware solutions.”

Lewis says the shower tray was designed with three installation options in mind: level entry, seamless entry and a more traditional, step entry.

“The level entry is the safest way to achieve a level floor plane and incorporates Atlantis’ glazing channel and waterproofing flange. The seamless entry is ideal for those applications where mobility and access requirements are key. Lastly, the step entry is for those applications, usually retrofitting, where the tray cannot be fully recessed into the subfloor.

“It has also been designed to fit into two-wall and three-wall, or alcove, positions, giving even greater design flexibility. Designers have the choice to complete the design with one of our tailor-made screen systems, to leave the shower open, or to install a shower curtain.”

Atlantis also manufactures a range of contemporary hardware, available in six popular finishes.

Atlantis: the all-in-one solution

Should you choose one of Atlantis’ custom door solutions, the shower tray has been designed to accommodate a 900mm door, providing plenty of room for wheelchair access.

Lewis says the shower tray can be left ‘as is’ with its gloss white finish, tiled over, or, “lay your choice of continuous anti-slip vinyl flooring over the entire floor and tray for one cohesive look.”

“We’ve also designed it with a centre drain so that the fall never travels more than 600mm across the entire tray, making it low-risk for slipping.

“It really is the ideal solution for anything from single-home applications through to multi-unit projects such as hospitals and retirement villages—anywhere where you need an accessible shower in an upstairs bathroom.”

The accessible shower tray is available directly through Atlantis or any leading plumbing merchant. Learn more about incorporating the accessible shower into your bathroom design.

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