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Textured architectural film: the future of design possibilities

Textured architectural film: the future of design possibilities

Architectural film has been around for some time and it’s changing the possibilities for textural and dynamic surfaces...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Architectural film has been around for some time - particularly popular in Europe for the last few years. This month marks the launch of ReStyl by PSP Limited, and it’s changing the possibilities for textural and dynamic surfaces - both in the home and in commercial settings. 

“ReStyl is an innovative self-adhesive architectural film that can be quickly and easily installed over a multitude of surfaces with its air flow and bubble free technology,” PSP Limited’s Dean Stuart says.

Because it’s a stretchable film, it can also be applied to curved areas and stretched over corners and angles to create a seamless, join-free finish.”

Suitable for both DIYers and experienced applicators, the product has already seen a dramatic uptake in the New Zealand market - with a focus on the reinvigoration of commercial settings and fitouts, Dean says.


“In hotels, we’ve seen it used to cover doors that are showing signs of wear and tear such as scuffs and marks that would otherwise require a full repaint or replacement - something that property owners would rather avoid.  


“It’s also used to cover ageing furniture, to cover curved bars to create a sense of elegance and a feature in a hospitality setting, in hotel rooms with uses including headboards and wall panels - an application for which the range of material finishes is particularly popular.”

It can also be applied over tiled surfaces, in conjunction with the use of primer applied in the existing grout lines. “ReStyl is then applied over the top and a tile-look surface is created with the grout lines showing underneath, but with the entire surface having the conformity of colour and texture chosen.”


ReStyl is slightly thicker than a standard vinyl, but not as thick as a laminate surface, and is sold with a 10-year warranty. “It’s a quick and easy way to freshen up ageing interiors without going to the expense of replacing items. Depending on the style chosen, the options for reinvigorating a space are vast - from luxurious material finishes through to incredibly realistic and textured wood-grain surfaces.


“Used widely overseas for retail settings, ReStyl is commonly used to create vibrant product backdrops. Recently, it was used throughout Jimmy Choo stores in Europe in a metallic/glitter finish, creating an alluringly stunning feature in the stores.”

Applied with a special air-release, cross hatching adhesive, ReStyl can be applied and then any air bubbles that are attracted underneath the product can be squeegeed away and removed. 


ReStyl is available in over 500 different textures and colours covering wood, leather, marble, metallic/glitter, solid colour, natural stone and fabric finishes. “It’s suitable for application almost anywhere, from kitchens, bathrooms (apart from inside shower and bath cavities), walls, furniture and commercial applications.”

In the home, it’s a sought-after method of updating kitchen cabinets without refinishing or replacement, as well as to create feature walls, cover ageing paint or wallpaper, update doors and cover furniture. 


Find out more about textural architectural films from PSP Limited.

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