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The lighting solutions that are illuminating the commercial and residential scene

The lighting solutions that are illuminating the commercial and residential scene

The power of good quality lighting cannot be understated. It can change the mood, highlight certain details and, in some shining examples, completely transform a space. A force in the industry for many years, Eunice Taylor knows this — and delivers.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The lighting choices made in any commercial or high density residential project are important ones.

If designed well, they can set the mood for a restaurant or cafe, they can help put customers at ease when entering a store, they can make guests feel comfortable and welcome in hotels.

Lighting alone has a tremendous impact on the way a space’s occupants feel — harsh white light can feel overbearing and sterile, while warmer, less harsh lighting has a much better chance of positively impacting people’s moods.

It’s not just the light itself either — the design of the fittings, be they ceiling or wall fittings or floor lamps, are also integral in influencing the feel of a space.

It’s for this reason that architects, designers and developers spend a lot of time and effort deciding what lighting solutions will work for their projects. Eunice Taylor, a New Zealand-based premier wholesale lighting company, knows this well and accordingly supplies quality designer lighting products throughout the country.

Among its many ranges, a particular standout is the Pallas range — a contemporary collection of wall and floor lamps that are ideal for many disparate and varied spaces.

Eunice Taylor executive director Helen Wyeth says the versatility of the range is perhaps its most valuable asset.

“Because it’s so modern, the Pallas range can work in most apartment buildings, hotels, and other residential developments,” says Helen. “It also helps that the lighting solutions are all high-quality.”

She says the range is manufactured from top-quality stainless steel, and that when it comes to design, simplicity is key. “The simplicity of the design is what makes them adaptable for most interiors,” says Helen.

The Pallas range of light fittings has many different products.

Versatility and functionality

The Pallas range is versatile in more ways than one. Designed with customisability in mind, the table, floor and wall lights can be ordered in different finishes: black, white and polished or brushed stainless steel. Lampshade fabrics can also be customised: in bulk orders, customers have the ability to request different shade fabric colours.

The Pallas light fittings are suitable for several different spaces as well: the extensiveness of the range means some are more suited for bathrooms, some for bedrooms, some for living areas — and some for all.

“For example, some products have multiple functions,” says Helen. “In bedrooms, you can have wall lights integrated into headboards, or install dual purpose lights for ambience and reading.

“Some table and wall lights have USB ports, which can work for either living areas or bedrooms.”

The range also includes some products with water ingress protection, giving it resistance against stray water splashes or droplets. These parts of the collection are IP44-rated, specifically for use in bathrooms.

The range features lighting that can come in different finishes, and lampshades can be customised too.

Fast service

In addition to the quality design, versatility and extensive functionality of the Pallas range, Eunice Taylor prides itself on another thing when it comes to the collection: speed. Once orders are placed, things move quickly.

Production is 45 days from date of confirmed order plus shipping time, or airfreight 1 to 2 weeks after production.

“With the Pallas range, we can supply products in bulk in a relatively short period of time,” says Helen. This is perfect for larger building projects, like hotels or residential developments, which often require large shipments of quality products.

When it comes to projects like these, Helen says, it’s easy to go for the easy, less exciting option. But architects, designers and developers will benefit from going with Eunice Taylor and its Pallas range instead.

“The aim is to make it feel less like an office environment with boring downlights, towards a more comfortable stylish environment with better quality lighting.”

Learn more about Eunice Taylor’s Pallas range.

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